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ROLL IT! Get video featured in the first issue of Energy Democracy!

Press release   •   May 22, 2013 16:07 CEST

Energy Democracy TV is offering businesses, regions or people at the forefront of renewable energy transition to get featured. This Frontrunner Proposal offer includes the concept and production of a company/product video as well as multimedia advertisement in the first issue of Energy Democracy - the international digital magazine on energy transition. The offer comes with a "money back guarantee" and is a limited fixed price provision as part of the crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, valid only during the campaign period that ends this week on Sunday, May 26!

Energy Democracy TV has its goal to spread the success stories of frontrunners of decentralized energy revolution through the new communication channels worldwide, thus to pave the way for a global transition to 100% renewable energy. We will not only produce your video, but promote it as well, worldwide! 

We are publishing “EnergyDemocracy” – the world’s first digital magazine on renewable energy –crowdpublished by the people who are making the energy transition happen, worldwide! The first issue of magazine with video, graphic and text contents will be released in October 2013. The magazine will be available in the Apple App Store Newsstand, Google Play and Amazon App Store, as well as on all the web browsers; hence on all major smart phones, tablets and desktop computers.

Video is an authentic, social and emotional form of communication and gives your company or brand a face. Multimedia ads in digital magazines are by far the most successful form of display in the digital world –app magazine advertising with video is even more effective than print ads!

The Frontrunner Proposal offer includes the concept development, video production and post-production of the advertisement as well as international marketing through the magazine, social media shout outs and additional interactive elements produced by a team with highest level of expertise in the sectors of renewable energy and video journalism. The offer can be picked from Energy Democracy TV crowdfunding campaign site and costs only 4000 USD. This includes the travel costs in Germany, Denmark, the Bay Area and New York City since we work with a network of highly qualified video journalists worldwide, and we have already built up a network in these regions. Further details of the offer are available in the attached documents below both in English and German.

For the flexibility of payment, it is also possible to pay half amount (2000 USD) up front and the other half after production. The money back guarantee means that companies will get their money back if they are not satisfied with the video.

You can accept the offer on our Indiegogo crowdfunding page at by clicking on the offer “Videostar! Getfeatured!” and thereby following the instructions which will guide you through the online payment process. Order your video today: Roll it!

.Energy Democracy TV is the world's first crowdpublished magazine app on the decentralized, community owned energy transition. Visit to support our Indiegogo campaign - and get the chance to become a contributor, place an native ad with us or get your hands on one of the other exclusive rewards for backers!

Energy Democracy TV is a Founding Partner and Media Partner of the global Go 100 % Renewable Energy Campaign, and has been featured by Renewables International, and the World Future Council.
The first issue of Energy Democracy TV will be published with the crowd publishing system CR8 by Geil,Danke! in is October 2013.