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Are elderly people with deafblindness happy?

Pressemeddelelse   •   Aug 15, 2017 14:30 CEST

The Danish researcher Hanna Birkbak Hovaldt, University of Copenhagen, is investigating how eldery people with acquired dual sensory loss experience psychological wellbeing. She focuses on social relations, depression and spousal life. For example - do romantic couples with deafblindness experience sexual satisfaction?

Deafblindness is a combined vision and hearing impairment of such severity that it is hard for the impaired senses to compensate for each other. Thus, deafblindness is a distinct disability.

Almost 10 000 eldery suffer from deafblindness in Denmark, according to the National Board of Social Services. The risk of developing problems with sight and vision doubles between the age of 80 and 90.

Collaboration in the field of deafblindness in the Nordic countries has a long tradition. Since there are quite few professionals within this field, it is important to meet in order to develop and spread knowledge.

Therefore the Nordic Welfare Centreis arranging Nordic Day on Deafblindness 2017in Aalborg with some of the Nordic countries primary researchers.

Other lectures during the conference will deal with subjects such as immigrants with disabilities, tactile language and the latest research regarding deafblindness.


4 september, 2017Caroline Högrud



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