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Augmented Reality Driving App Puts Kids Behind the Wheel and Recreates The Driving Experience.

Pressemeddelelse   •   Maj 25, 2012 15:33 CEST

Happi Papi, the company behind the successful Happi-series of children’s learning apps, has just released a completely new type of app for the iPad with iPhone support to follow shortly.

Happi Full Throttle is an augmented reality driving experience for kids (or your inner child...). With the help of the iPad’s camera and a dashboard full of buttons, levers and a steering wheel, Happi Full Throttle aims to make any child feel like a real Fireman, Race car driver, Pilot or Submarine captain.

This app has many advantages says Patrick Larson, co-founder of Happi Papi. “First of all it is a great open ended digital toy that children can both play with in a variety of settings such as your living room, back seat of the family car or why not in the back yard. If parents take the time to talk with their kids about all the different functions each vehicle has, it becomes a great learning tool as well.”

It also offers something not true for most other children’s apps which is a playing experience away from the couch continues Patrick Larsson. There are currently four different vehicles included in its kid friendly app. Happi Papi also promises to add more vehicles and features from user suggestions on its Facebook page.

Currently, the app has the following vehicles and features included:

• Fire Truck: ignition, side turns, wipers, horn, fire extinguisher, steering wheel (turns automatically when moving the iPad) and flashing siren)

• Police Helicopter: ignition, acceleration, steering stick (turns automatically when moving the iPad) flashing siren, intercom.

• Sports Car: ignition, stereo, horn, steering wheel (turns automatically when moving the iPad), side turns and wipers.

• Submarine: periscope, bubble blower, sonar, dive siren, smoke blower and steering wheel (turns automatically when moving the iPad)

Kate Stinnett of Appreciation an app review site on Facebook has the following to say about the app: “This app is a game changer in the world of apps! I have seen plenty of apps and own plenty of apps, but none like this! This app takes you places that no other app can.”

About Happi Papi:

After buying games and apps for our kids to play on the iPhone and iPad, we realized that today’s tech savvy toddlers deserved better apps than currently available. Neither the kids, nor us parents, liked the fact that most children’s apps were full of ads and links out of the game. As experienced game developers we understood that these “annoyances” were important extra revenue streams for the app makers but we still thought it possible to create kid friendly apps in a profitable way.

Happi Papi develops fun and educational apps for kids. Kids will always learn something new about the world around them when using Happi Papi apps. The playing environment is safe and straight forward. No instructions are necessary to play our games and we never put ads, links or in app purchases in the games. Read more about Happi Papi at happipapi.com/our-story.

Happi Papi was founded in 2011 by Patrick Larson and Jens Ode. Up until now we have released the following apps (all featured by Apple): Happi Reads, Happi Spells and Happi 123.

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Facebook - happipapiapps | Twitter - @happi_papi | Email - info@happipapi.com