Beverage Time Stacks Everything from Bartender Tools To Glass Mats, And More

Press Release   •   Jul 31, 2013 14:07 CEST

Beverage Time, an online retailer of beverage equipment and supplies, is creating a niche for itself in the home bar supplies segment.

By stocking a large assortment of home bar supplies items like bartender tools, juice bottles, serving trays, glass mats, and more, Beverage Time is gearing itself admirable to become a leading supplier of beverage equipment.

A well-stocked bar always leaves quite an impression on guests in a party. To make a cocktail party a hit, not only just the right mix of beer, bourbon, and wine is required, but mixers and fresh ingredients are also needed.

“For the host, who becomes the bartender, it is quite a task to make a success of a cocktail gathering. You must stock some essential ingredients to make cocktails like lime juice, orange liqueur and sugar,” says one television chef. “A host must never forget to keep these ready.”

Moreover, no one relishes pre-made mixes like margarita mix or screw top sangria. Home-made mixes, apart from being fresher and cheaper, are far more tasty.

Most importantly, wine glasses must look sparkling clean. After cleaning the glasses, and when kept to dry out, wine glasses must promote air circulation to dry the glasses as quickly as possible.

Glass mats do just that. Beverage Time has an assortment of glass mats that raise the glasses of the counter top to allow for good circulation.

The store has Black Sani make 1’ x 2’ roll and 40’ x 2’ roll sizes as well as 1’ x 1’ interlocking black shelf liner. The latter allows users to connect the one square foot sections together to create custom sizes.

An arrangement to dispense clean water, either for drinking or mixing, cannot be ignored in a home bar set-up. Beverage Time stocks an unique cold water dispenser that is easy to install and maintain. The FloJet Bottled Water Dispensing System, ideal for coffee makers and ice makers, is designed to pump water from commercially-available 3, 5, or 6 gallon bottles.   

Beverage Time has in place a secure online ordering system and quick shipment process across North America.

Beverage Time boasts of supplying only the highest-quality merchandize. However, if customers are dissatisfied with any product, the store has a friendly return and refund policy,  provided items are returned to Beverage Time within 30 days of original ship date.

For home delivery, Beverage Time uses different shipping methods. These include Postal Service, UPS/Federal Express/ Purolator, and Freight line.

About Beverage Time:

Beverage Time is a leading online retailer of beer and beverage equipment and supplies. They have a vast stock of home bar supplies, glass mats, beer dispense, wine dispense, and water dispense products to help consumers build and maintain a home bar.

Customers wanting more information can contact Beverage Time by calling the company’s toll free number 1 877 904 2553.