Lene Jæger Klausen

Climate change from another perspective: Now the Danes are being weird again!

Pressemeddelelse   •   Aug 22, 2017 12:19 CEST

Of course, Denmark is a funny little country with many strange traditions, but now it is as if the madness runs freely. The country with probably the world’s worst weather (according to the Danes themselves) has decided to celebrate – well, yes the bad weather!

In Denmark they have a saying: “There is no bad weather, only bad clothing”. However, everyone who has spent a summer in Denmark knows that it is not true. Rain is bad weather if you don’t live in a drought. Everybody knows that. And Denmark is definitely not a droughty land, it almost rains too much, which causes problems several places across the country.
So why are the Danes now throwing a Rainy Weather Party celebrating the bad weather?

- There is no doubt that climate change is here and is causing us challenges - also here in Kolding, where we are throwing the party. But Denmark, and especially Kolding, is known for our creativity and ability to find new solutions to challenges. And the changes we see in our climate also gives us new possibilities, says Stella Steen Jensen, project manager in Kolding Municipality working on EU climate adaption projects, and is one of the initiators behind the party.

She is aware, that the party can look a bit bizarre when looking from the outside, but she believes that the Danish way of coping with climate change can be an inspiration for many cities across Europe.

Besides the party, she is working on a project, where the rainwater is used in relation to a skater park and a barbecue area.

- It will probably not be used while it is raining, not even here in Denmark, although we are used to the rain. But on all those dry days it can give a lot of fun and enjoyment for the citizens, and on those wet days we can use it for rain delays, so it does not give us floods and problems in the city. That is cool, and that is worth celebrating with a party, right?

It is probably the world’s first and only Rainy Weather Party – because, who other than the Danes could think of celebrating bad weather?

The Rainy Weather Party will be held on Friday August 25th from 04-10 PM. The press is welcome to participate in the whole event.

Four classes in four different schools have developed new climate adaption solutions. The best solution announces. The jury consist of the director of BlueKolding Per Holm, director of Children- og Education administration Helle Thiele and design- and innovation consultant Lena Gade.

    Five climate heroes are nominated for the title as climate hero of the year. The jury consist of the mayor of Kolding, Jørn Pedersen, former KIF handball player, Lasse Boesen and designer Nanna Lundgren. The minister for Energy, Utilities and Climate, Lars Christian Lilleholt, will present the title and the prices for this year’s climate hero.
    There will be served climate-soup and rainy-drinks
    The opening of Jazz I Trekanten
  • 07.00 PM: LIVE JAZZ
    The Music of Kenny Garret
  • 10.00 PM: END OF THE PARTY
  • The press is welcome to participate during the event. Catering to journalist, photographers etc. can be ordered in advance. Questions or booking of interviews or guided tours, please contact Lene Jæger Klausen on lejk@bluekolding.dk, +45 28601877

    The Rainy Weather Party is initiated from an EU-supported cooperation between Kolding Municipality and BlueKolding, where they under the name “Klimavand – nyt vejr, nye muligheder” implement climate adaption projects multiple places within the municipality, while making the citizens aware of how to contribute and what to do to help the environment.

    You can read more on www.klimavand.dk or follow wwww.facebook.com/klimavand.

    For more information contact:

    Communication manager, Lene Jæger Klausen lejk@bluekolding.dk, +45 28601877

    Formerly Kolding Spildevand (Kolding Wastewater), now BlueKolding – environment, energy, and climate company – covers the entire municipality of Kolding. We strive to secure a viable and sustainable world for each other and for the generations to follow. We inspire our customers and collaborative partners to assist us in achieving this target. We make Kolding climate proof, treat sewage and exploit our processes by e.g. producing electricity, clean water, and heating. And we also work towards encouraging everyone in our community – be they customers, suppliers or associates – to consider environment and sustainability from entirely new and more ambitious perspectives.