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Clip-Lok integrated packaging system perfect for Lean Manufacturing

Pressemeddelelse   •   Okt 22, 2012 14:21 CEST

Press Release
Clip-Lok integrated packaging system perfect for Lean Manufacturing
As the use of Lean manufacturing grows within the automotive industry, so does the demand for customized packaging that can be handled directly on the production line. The Clip-Lok Soft-Rack box is the perfect solution.
The lean manufacturing process requires a smooth production flow where the operator has direct access to all parts without any interference. The innovative Clip-Lok Soft-Rack system is a collapsible box with an integrated fabric rack. With the Soft-Rack system, the sensitive parts are placed directly in the protective rack by the sub-contractor. Extra packaging of the parts is not necessary. When the box arrives at the production line it can easily be opened by the operator, who has immediate direct access to the parts. Without any further steps such as unpacking parts etc. the operator can continue the manufacturing process, maintaining a smooth flow.
When the Soft-Rack box is emptied, it folds down for storage or return shipment to the sub-contractor. The cloth shelves fold automatically into place at the bottom of the box. All of the box parts are secured within the flattened box during return transport or storage. This saves on return costs and storage space requirements.
"We cater primarily to companies that have continuous transport to and from the company. With Soft-Rack, the company can handle the package quickly – it takes only about 60 seconds to get access to the goods and it can be done by one person directly on the production line. And as there is no need for additional packaging or protection, you save money and reduce the impact on the environment.” says Gustaf Follin, Director of Sales at Clip-Lok SimPak ®.
Whether the need is to transport large items or small, the Soft-Rack system can be designed to match the individual needs. The box dimensions meet the measurements for pallets, but can be sized according to other requirements.
To ensure their position as a long-term partner in the industry, Clip-Lok uses the CATIA data system. CATIA is a 3D design system used by the automobile industry when designing new cars. "With CATIA, we can be involved in the project from the very beginning - even before the actual auto parts are produced. This saves lots of time.” says Gustaf Follin. “The system animates and simulates the packing process. We adapt the package specifically for each product and each customer. By using the same design tools as our customers, we remain at the developmental forefront."
"Our cost effective returnable packaging system has now been on the market for over 20 years and has given our customers significant logistics savings. As part of our commitment to offer the most innovative and effective returnable packaging, we continue to develop solutions such as the Clip-Lok Soft-Rack system," concludes Gustaf Follin.
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