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Consafe Logistics announced as the top European WMS supplier by ARC Advisory Group

Pressemeddelelse   •   Okt 01, 2012 10:04 CEST

ARC Advisory Group, recently presented their yearly analyze of the global WMS market, and once again included Consafe Logistics among the top 6 world leading suppliers of Warehouse Management System. In EMEA the company is placed as number 2 of in total 14 WMS suppliers.

ARC Advisory Group has grown to become the Thought Leader in Manufacturing and Supply Chain solutions. In their outlook of the Warehouse Management Systems Worldwide Market, ARC estimates the 2011 worldwide revenue at over US $1.2 billion.

The key issues researched in this study relate to the current status and future growth potential of the warehouse management systems (WMS) market. Other issues addressed include; market size for each geographical region, leading suppliers’ market shares for the total WMS market and trends in the market and as well as key factors influencing market growth.

"We believe that ARC Advisory Group acknowledge Consafe Logistics as a significant provider in the supply chain and WMS market. For us, this is the result of an excellent teamwork in building, marketing, selling and delivering our amazing suite of Warehouse Management and supply chain IT solutions", says Ulf Jansson, CEO Consafe Logistics Group.

Consafe Logistics has been positioned in the EMEA top 3 since 2008.

"During previous years our number of customers in the European market has grown rapidly. We believe that it is not only our continued development of our WMS that has established us as the first choice in warehouse management, it is also our vast expertise in how to create revenue from supply chain processes that form the foundation for our solutions. I feel confident that we will with continued determination and persistence be able to protect and even improve our position the coming years" continues Ulf Jansson.

Consafe Logistics is also top ranked as the leading supplier of warehouse management systems for speech. ARC define this as add-on modules "Voice, or Speech Recognition, is a form of AutoID. Speech can accomplish the same things that a traditional WMS using RF scanning can." The analysts predict the market for 2011 to be US $22.8 million. 

The study can serve as an effective planning guide for both current suppliers and new entrants to the market, as well as for technology users seeking to gain a better understanding of the marketplace. The complete report is available at

About ARC Advisory Group
Founded in 1986, ARC Advisory Group has grown to become the Thought Leader in Manufacturing and Supply Chain solutions. For even your most complex business issues, our analysts have the expert industry knowledge and firsthand experience to help you find the best answer. We focus on simple, yet critical goals: improving your return on assets, operational performance, total cost of ownership, project time-to-benefit, and shareholder value.

Om Consafe Logistics Group
Consafe Logistics är en av Europas ledande leverantörer av lösningar till kunder som ser logistik som en konkurrensfördel. Vi designar, utvecklar och implementerar lösningar inom Supply Chain för våra kunder. Vi utvecklar kontinuerligt vår produktportfölj av produkter och tjänster för att kunna bibehålla vår höga kvalitetsnivå och addera ytterligare kundvärde. Consafe Logistics erbjuder: systemlösningar inom supply chain, mobila IT-lösningar, konsulttjänster inom logistik och processförbättringar.
Consafe Logistics har ca 320 medarbetare. Vår verksamhet är fördelad i 3 affärsområden: Warehouse & Distribution, Enterprise Mobility och Manufacturing. Vi hjälper kunder i fler än 30 länder över hela världen från våra kontor i Sverige, Norge, Danmark, Holland, Polen och Storbritannien. Consafe Logistics Group är ett företag i JCE Gruppen. För mer info se