Danish sun safety tech startup Raymio launches Kickstarter in September

Press Release   •   Aug 24, 2015 09:45 CEST

Hi, I am working in a Danish startup company called Raymio. We’ve developed an elegant UV A/B measuring wearable wristband which will help its future wearers protect themselves from sun related skin damage. And we’re launching a Kickstarter campaign on September 1st. Raymio is going to be the world’s premiere sun safety aid!

We’re the first to be supported by the Danish Fund for Market Development match funding programme. Our enrollment entails that when we succeed in taking 1000 Raymio wristband pre-orders on Kickstarter, the Fund will double our funding intake. This represents a great opportunity for us to utilize crowdfunding in both financing our first production run and ensuring the company has viable funding for future operations. Read more about the matchfunding programme here: http://markedsmodningsfonden.dk/faster_to_market

A few statistics:

  • The global market for sun protection is $9.8 billion annually. (Euromonitor)
  • Every year nearly 5 million people are treated for skin cancer in the US. (Skin Cancer Foundation)
  • There are more new cases of skin cancer than incidences of cancers of the breast, prostate, lung and colon combined. (Skin Cancer Foundation)

Our full press release is included below (also on MyNewsDesk with graphics and additional material: raymio.mynewsdesk.com)

Press material for immediate release:

Danish sun safety startup RAYMIO launches on Kickstarter September 1st.

Do you know the feeling of sunburn? Terrible red rash with skin peeling and night sweats followed by days of discomfort? Have you spent an afternoon on the beach only to end up with skin peeling? Or did a high UV index ever catch you off-guard during outdoor exercise routine or on your daily commute? How about your family or friends? Do you know someone who’s been struck by a skin disease caused by UV radiation?

People often forget to use adequate sun protection when they are outdoors, enjoying the company of family and friends, exercise, on vacation or simply on their daily commute. This is a critical mistake: UV exposure contributes to a wealth of widespread health issues such as premature ageing of the skin, melanoma, cataracts and actinic keratosis. Protection is highly needed. Sunburns in particular poses a serious risk and children are a high-risk group.

Raymio provides you with a modern and elegant wearable aid for everyday sun safety. The wristband registers UV exposure and offers personalized protection strategies according to skin type. Our wearable is essential for people who wish to take care of their skin while enjoying an active lifestyle. Our aim is to make efficient sun protection easy by incorporating behavior change strategies into our design. With gentle nudging of behavior, taking care of yourself becomes innate and easy.

Utility of the wristband and mobile application

Raymio is primarily a situational awareness aid: we want to help our users avoid dangerous situations which they might not be aware of with actionable advice. It’s also a biometrics tool where users can track their exposure history.

The Raymio wristband helps individuals and groups in various ways. The autonomous wristband has a small circular LED which shows the wearer’s current risk level, from a pale yellow to a dark red color. The same color scheme (yellow to orange to red) is found on the front page of the accompanying mobile application. Here, the user may see his risk level or the risk level of any other wristband connected. Friends’ public stats will be visible as well.

A wristband can be used by one individual or by a group of people with varying skin types. As an example, a family of three would be able to use a wristband each, each keeping track of their own exposure and the exposure of family members by merely adding them as friends. This would result in the most accurate measurements for each person. The same family would also be able to create and connect three separate users, one for each member, to a single wristband. On the front page of the mobile application, each family member would have their own separate colored name-tag showing their respective risk level. To account for group usage, the sensor unit can be taken out of the wristband and put anywhere, ensuring maximum exposure for measurements.

Swiping a nametag to one side will show recommendations for that user: advice on what clothing to wear, what sunscreen to use, and how often to apply it. This advice is based on the user’s skin type and changes depending on the user’s current exposure levels. Swiping a nametag to the other side will show UV statistics for that individual.

The mobile application contains group statistics so that friends and family can compare. The app also contains a sun-library with information and in-depth advice on skin care, sunscreen, skin diseases – any information that might be of use to the user in regards to their activity in the sun.

In short, we seek to keep people aware of the sun. The wristband keeps track of your UV exposure and keeps you updated. The app lets you keep track of groups, your friends and your family. And it provides you with information that can help you become more familiar with your own skin and the effects the sun has on it.

How we see the market

We intend Raymio to be the world’s most accurate sun safety accessory with the ambition to set a new standard for wearable sun protection. UV exposure is the number one reason for premature aging of the skin and a range of skin diseases. The market has a huge potential both for recreational and health purposes. Raymio will assist individuals, families and friends in the daily interaction with the sun - UV radiation and sun safety learning tool.

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the world: WHO estimates that up to 90% of skin cancer can be attributed to UV radiation. Both sunburns and a high lifetime dosage of UV radiation increases the risk of developing skin cancer. If proper sunscreen is used in age 0-18 years, the risk of developing cancer is likely to fall by 67%. Studies further show that increased awareness of the sun's harmful rays is the best way to prevent skin cancer.

58 million people in the US suffer from actinic Keratosis (AK) which can be a precursor of skin cancer and is related to UV exposure. In Australia the prevalence of AK is estimated at 40-50% in adults over 40, as compared to the United States and Europe, where prevalence is estimated at 11-38% in adults.

Being a person with fair skin one also has to be aware of the sun. Even in Nordic countries such as Denmark – where one might expect it to be easy to maintain a healthy level of UV exposure – it is all too common to get a sunburn. Denmark, with a population of 5 million, is one of the countries of the world with the highest incidence of skin cancer in the population with 11 thousand Danes diagnosed each year. Being aware of and limiting UV exposure is the most efficient way to maintain healthy young skin and reduce the risk of UV related discomforts.

So whether you’re an outdoor athlete looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle, a family of four trying to avoid sunburns, or someone who's already been diagnosed with skin cancer - Raymio can help.


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Smartphone AppXX-X
Direct communicationX-XX
3D Sun protectionX---
Global UV IndexX---
Clips on clothesX--X
Advice on sunprotectionXX-X
Statistics (Individual and group)X---
Protect friends and familyX---
Forecast personal UV exposureX---
Behavior design (optimized for health change)X---
Weekly statistics resumeX---
Photo upload with UV / temp overlayX---
Ping friends to helpX---


Raymio will become a natural part of our future wear when we’re outside in the sun. The technology makes it easy to avoid serious damage - while we simultaneously are able to enjoy the vitalizing energy of the sun.” - Michael Mathiesen, Raymio & 2M Digital

“The aesthetic design of the Raymio bracelet and hardware enclosure has been developed to concentrate the wearer's attention on it's core function – to help them to safely enjoy the sun. To emphasize this interaction, we felt that rather than hide the UV sensor, we wanted to "frame" it inside a ring formed by Raymio's unique indicator LED. The ring itself is intended to evoke the imagery of the sun throughout it's various phases each day and offers a dynamic focal point for the wearer to monitor. We wanted to give Raymio a look that can allow it to blend seamlessly with the wearer's accessories and wardrobe or to look great as a truly premium product on its own. Because the hardware module is removable, the wearer can adapt the look of their Raymio bracelet to suit their changing style and we’re looking forward to offering a variety of color themes and more as the product continues to evolve.” - Mads Hansen, Raymio & trex:labs


Where can i get Raymio?

  • You can book your wristband now on Raymio.com!

How much does the wearable cost?

  • Prebook price: $45 US ($30 discount from expected price).

When does your Kickstarter launch?

  • Campaign launches September 1st.

What are your Kickstarter goals?

  • One thousand units sold.

When will investors have their Raymio wristbands?

  • Spring 2016!

How does your product set itself apart from existing sun safety wearables?

  • Sensor design, algorithmic quality and UX design. We’ve got user needs in mind and have worked with a variety of test-users throughout development to ensure user satisfaction.

News coverage

Wearable-Technologies.com (http://www.wearable-technologies.com/2015/08/wearables-for-healthy-skin/)

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Company Information & Bios

We are a small new Danish company based in Copenhagen. Our team consists of seasoned business and technology developers and young talent. Our collective expertise ranges from IT and industrial design to crowdfunding and communication. Each brings a wide range of experience, enthusiasm and professional networks to Raymio.