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Democratizing energy and publishing together: Energy Democracy and Geil,Danke! are joining forces

Press release   •   May 01, 2013 05:13 CEST

At TechCrunch Disrupt New York, Energy Democracy TV and Geil,Danke! have joined forces to democratize energy and publishing – simultaneously!

Both Energy Democracy TV and Geil,Danke! are driven by a strong vision of democratizing the energy and the publishing sector, respectively. They exhibited jointly at Tech Crunch Disrupt where they were part of the Startup Alley on April, 29th 2013.

Their first joint project is the launch of the digital magazine Energy Democracy, the world’s first free crowdpublished magazine on the worldwide transition from fossil to renewable energy sources - created by a global community of Energy Democratizers.

The crowd publishing system making this possible is CR8 (pronounced Crate) - the new Software-as-a-Service crowd publishing system by the Berlin-based startup Geil,Danke!, developing app magazines and web apps.

"With the Energy Democracy magazine, we want to show that democratization of media is possible and that contributors can profit from the community that a crowd publishing project creates." says Michaela Lehr, Co-founder & CEO of Geil,Danke!.

"To honor the work authors invest, the user experience is gamified. Users can earn badges, titles or points and receive rewards." says Co-founder & CEO of Geil, Danke! Richard Brammer.

CR8 enables content creators to publish on Tablets, Smartphones, Desktops, TV’s and virtually any device with a browser. In other words, content is presented independently of the operating system, the screen size or the device features. CR8 is 'crowd and cross publishing come true'.

"We are extremely proud to be the reference customer of Geil,Danke! for this innovative publishing software. By being the first digital magazine crowd published by people across the globe, we´ll set new standards in the publishing industry -  just as energy democracy is disrupting the business models of big energy companies." says Kirsten Hasberg, Founder & CEO of Energy Democracy TV.

Energy Democracy will be available in the Apple App Store Newsstand, Google Play Store, Amazon App Store and to web browsers from October 2013. Already now, Energy Democratizers from all over the world, are joining in on the crowdfunding campaign of Energy Democracy TV on Indiegogo. You can join in, too, on

.Energy Democracy TV is the world's first crowdpublished magazine app on the decentralized, community owned energy transition. Visit to support our Indiegogo campaign - and get the chance to become a contributor, place an native ad with us or get your hands on one of the other exclusive rewards for backers!

Energy Democracy TV is a Founding Partner and Media Partner of the global Go 100 % Renewable Energy Campaign, and has been featured by Renewables International, and
The first issue of Energy Democracy TV will be published with the crowd publishing system CR8 by Geil,Danke! in is October 2013.