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Pressemeddelelse   •   Maj 16, 2016 12:08 CEST

Well now the browse advantage alone works simple accomplish abroad 2007 runescape gold from area it should. For instance on a Dorgesh-kaan 16 amplitude browse clue, you accept to be like 5 spaces within, and that's a big city! Its taken me hours aloft hours to complete the abundant bigger cities such as Varrock or Falador.

I adulation clue hunting and I don't accept abundant time to play this bold with plan and such like I did if I played it years ago, but I acclimated to be able to get on and accomplishment an aristocratic a day no problem, but now with my abridgement of time and this awe-inspiring bug ive alone got time to do one browse allocation of the clue lol

I'm absolutely not accusatory or acerbity allurement for an actual fix, but could I accept acceptance this is accepting looked into?

I've had issues with varrock, falador, dorgesh-kaan, and the apparitional woods.

Are you abiding castigation formed absolutely right? because like it will acquisition it if you're aural 5 accomplish abroad and again it will plan appropriately afterwards its begin like it'll appearance how abounding accomplish you are abroad if you airing abroad from it, but you accept to acquisition it abutting first.

Idk how to explain it, it just seems like the mechanics involving the ambit is different, or maybe the blueprint of the map just widened? Buy RuneScape gold idk its harder to explain that's why I anticipate it needs to be looked into.

Head to Treasure Hunter and find protean items that will boost your progress in Crafting, Divination and Smithing and get you ready for the Invention update later this month. Alternatively, you can now convert one kind of protean item to another to tailor the skills you wish to boost – enjoy!

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Plenty of couch Q&A sessions in between, where you can put your questions to the team – live.

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Please note that this won't take anything away from RuneFest, which is still to come this year!

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