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Familiarise yourself with parfume basics

Pressemeddelelse   •   Sep 06, 2010 03:47 CEST

Denmark, September 5, 2010 - People often get confused between ‘perfume’ and ‘parfume’. Technically, both these words have the same meaning; however they tend to differ a lot when it comes to quality. The secret to such discrimination depends on whether a specific fragrance is considered as pure "parfume" or an "eau de parfume".

According to the experts, parfum is extremely expensive and possesses the strongest possible aroma. Therefore it is also referred to as the pure perfume or the ‘extrait’. After parfume, the second highest concentration of scent is called "eau de parfume." In order to be considered as a parfume, the scent must have at least 8-10% of essential oil or fragrance. The perfume strength usually comes in from the percentage of scent element in every ratio. The proportion of scent element varies and is generally between 15 and 30. For the most part, eau de perfume possesses a concentration level of 15% whereas parfume has a concentration of 20%.

Scents have always been alluring and as of 2008, the perfume business has escalated to a 10 billion dollar industry. In the present day, women accumulate numerous fragrance options, instead of sticking to one particular signature scent. Parfume has been used as oils since ancient times. For an instance, the ancient Egyptians used perfumed oils or balms for religious ceremonies.

According to the parfumers, the tenacity of scents is of prime importance to the consumers while purchasing any perfume. It has been observed that consumers get attracted to the sense of smell, the duration the aroma stays on skin and the way a scent blends with the natural body odour. Perfumes tenacity is usually measured in hours and lasts up to a maximum of 8 hours. On the other hand, parfume would last for 6 hours at the max.

While dealing with different concentrations, pricing also plays an important role. The alcohol level in the perfume is higher, the perfumes will be expensive. There are loads of perfumes with different concentration levels from weak to strong, especially as far as the scent category is concerned. Eau fraiche or eau de toilet is least concentrated and similar to splash and cologne, with a little tint of alcohol. These are mere perfumed liquids which contain a lower percentage of essential oils as compared to ordinary perfumes. To conclude with, parfume is by far the purest form of all scented products available in the market. Different kinds of essential oils are mixed in their raw forms, so as to create a variety of fragrances. Hence, these parfumes are highly expensive, since they rank first as far as scent concentration levels are concerned.

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