Fascinating lego star wars at discount price

Pressemeddelelse   •   Nov 08, 2010 02:24 CET

November 7, 2010 - Lego star wars is the most thriving in the series of lego games, and indeed it is esteemed as a milestone in the kid’s toys. The series of lego duplo has been in the market since 1999, which has been continuously expanded upon. The highlights of this series of toys are the characters and the vehicles, which imitate the real episodes of star wars trilogy. In fact, they frequently release new set of toys and it encompasses the latest episodes of lego city. The hottest release includes clone wars, the animated movie and TV serial. The regular updates make it more alluring.

Virtually all the mainstays presented in star wars franchise can be seen in the lego star wars. The characters try to sustain the typical characters in lego duplo, in other words, all of them are made with square body and block shape head, but there is slightest variation in the colors, accessories such as hats, helmets and caps. The sizes and shapes of star wars characters have wide discrepancy and hence the lego star wars include original molds to make them unique. For example in the lego city, Darth Vader have easily identifiable head shape and similarly Yoda, Stormtroopers and other aliens are in their original getup. It is fascinating to see the lightsabers with unique figures.

Beyond the characters in lego star wars, all the vehicles and ships are generated from the original star wars. lego duplo includes millennium falcon, the icon of lego city, as it has been enhanced and tweaked than its original attributes. The pack of lego star wars incorporates the X-wing fighters, Rebel Blcckade Runner and a lot other speeder crafts. The lego city location sets enclose the Hoth Rebel base, the Death Star and more. The enthralling movie of star wars is now in your hands, to play and it adds more enthrallment while playing.

Apart from the lego star wars vehicles and characters, the latest sets include a spectrum of star wars accessories like technic line, the intricate part with complex movement. They may be less reminiscent to the classical block feel, look and construction of lego duplo, but certainly entices many people. In addition to these toys, you can also grab mini characters magnet series which has about a dozen interesting characters. The ultimate collector series is quite big and extremely complex in the designs. The latest Millennium Series include more than 5,000 blocks, the biggest and complex lego star wars series. Although video games on star wars are available in the market, the rage for lego duplo never emasculates.

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