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Gaming vs. Reality on a Race Track

Pressemeddelelse   •   Dec 18, 2013 15:04 CET

Swedish gamer Fredrik Brolin passed the ultimate gaming test when he managed to win a race against a real racing driver at Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona. Fredrik has won racing games before, but this time he was strapped into the passenger seat of a racing car driving through hairpin turns and down straights at breakneck speed.

As a racing gamer, what is left to do after you’ve beaten the game at the highest difficulty level, defeated all your friends, won online and all that remains is polishing milliseconds of your lap times? That was the question Viagame asked in the Shotgun Driver project, the first in a series of experiments aiming to push the boundaries of gaming.

The calm before the storm

Fredrik was chosen for the experiment in mid November after he managed to qualify in competition with more than one hundred other applicants.. Since then, Fredrik has been playing the same car on the same track on his computer for 3-4 hours per day in preparation for the Barcelona event.

On 6 December an expectant and slightly nervous Fredrik Brolin entered the passenger seat of a Renault Mégane RS 265 RB8 Limited Edition at the prestigious Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona. In the driver’s seat sat Peter Tärnström who frequently races super cars on tracks all over the world.

”I was very nervous, I didn’t know whether I’d start throwing up or get a serious headache”, says Fredrik. ”But I was hoping I would beat Peter, I had prepared well.”

In order to convert the passenger seat of the Renault to a racing gamer’s dream the hardware engineer Lars Liljegren had installed a custom built and g-force resistant ASUS-computer equipped with a Nvidia GTX680 graphics card, a Logitech G27 wheel and a screen in eye level.

Gamer vs. Racing driver

When the chequered flag signalled the end of the race, Fredrik ended up as the victor with a 4 second margin. According to Fredrik it was his meticulous preparations that earned him the victory.

”It was an extreme experience, we raced at over 200 kilometres per hour and sometimes it was difficult to separate game from reality,” says Fredrik. ”Sometimes I’d push the throttle all the way down as Peter hit the brakes going into a corner because my body thought the game was going too slow, which made me enter the corner way too fast.”

Watch the video from the race:

Isabelle Ewert at Viagame comments Shotgun Driver, ”We wanted to push the limits of gaming and we’ve done just that. Now we want to bring the experiences and insights we’ve gained to our audience.”

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