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Pressemeddelelse   •   Maj 30, 2016 05:22 CEST

Lemme relog for keys."You don't ability the requirements to abrasion rs gold 2007 the Completionist Cape." WTF. I'm annoyed of GLITCHED time belted requirements. I got 20 credibility beneath than anybody abroad to alpha with RuneScape gold. Plus it's still absurd to about-face tech trees.
Nope I didn't & that's my fault. I didn't anticipate it would be a Comp requirement.

It's still ridiculous. Why do we accept to delay 12 hrs for 1 task? We deceit even about-face to the added tech tree. Once you accomplish aggregate on 1 of the tech trees, it wont acquiesce you to complete anymore tasks for that tech tree. Therefore, no adventitious of you accepting added credibility for that tech tree.

100 credibility to about-face is ridiculous. We should be able to about-face afterwards paying if we completed the tech tree. I'm absolutely aghast in this requirement.

They said in the account column that 30th May the tech copse will become a Comp requirement. All you had to do was apprehend the homepage. Be animated it wasnt said on reddit/FB/Twitter/Snapchat.

I'm 35 abaft and I did it every individual day.

I'm appealing abiding that if you don't complete the dwarven or whichever your tech timberline is focused to you still get tasks.. Maybe some bodies adored up 155 tokens, bought the dwarven endure item, or whichever, afresh swapped to the added tree.. that way they got the added currency. I'm not abiding if that works, but I did them every SINGLE day and I'm still 35 abbreviate of my endure item. How?

You can't even save that abundant in time to about-face to yield advantage of the 5 point bonus. You'll still be credibility behind. Jagex was declared to fix this anyway.

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