HVEM ER DET, DER ER UANSTÆNDIG? Retssag Helsingør fredag 9/9 - FEMEN - Nøgne Bryst mod præsidenten! #Mexico #Terror

Pressemeddelelse   •   Sep 08, 2016 06:09 CEST


The reception of President Enrique Peña Nieto in Denmark in April 2016 was indecent.

Jenny Wenhammar, FEMEN Sweden, protested against the abuse that takes place in Mexico under the president and his party PRI - the institutionalized revolutionary party - shouting "PRI Dictador PRI Asesino!" and had the same message written on her chest and back. Dictador, dictator, because the opposition in Mexico silenced. Asesino, murderer, because the opposition in Mexico is killed.

She was immediately taken away by police. And sentenced to pay 335 euros in fines for having behaved loud, noisy and indecent. It was according to the police indecent because "she pulled up her blouse and briefly bared her breasts". According to the police her intention was to disturb public order. The intention was not to disturb the public order. The aim was to give a voice to those silenced in Mexico, and show that here on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, in Europe, we still know what's happening, despite the corruption and cover-up of the Mexican regime's human rights abuses.


If public order is to pay tribute to a leader of terror, then it's the public order that is disturbed, and indecent. The political and artistic expression should not be silenced in a democratic country.

The feminist movement FEMEN is internationally known for using their bodies as political expressions with political messages in a visual language via media; against dictatorships, theocracies, the sex industry and patriarchal oppression.

Denmark is known for encouraging women's freedom and for an often sexist relation to female bodies, but want to fine bare breasts!

Denmark is known for standing up for freedom of speech, but want to fine a protest against the abuse of human rights!

A year ago Jenny Wenhammar, FEMEN, won a trial in Malmö, Sweden, enshrining freedom of speech and the right to use her own body as part of a political, artistic and activist message in freedom of expression.

Also in France and Spain, where FEMEN is active, several lawsuits are won for freedom of expression and the right to define our own bodies and motives as political - not sexual or exhibitionistic disturbance.

Our bodies are not indecent.
Our breasts are not indecent.

It is politics exercising oppression that is indecent.
It is our plight to loudly express our voices against abuse.
It is our freedom of expression to use our bodies as placards against hypocrisy.

Quien es que es indecente? Presidente indecente #EPN #PRI!

Hvem er det, der er uanstændig??



photographer: Ulrika Bernhardsson

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