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Invitation: The Levellers (UK), Copenhagen, Vega, October 27th

Pressemeddelelse   •   Okt 11, 2012 13:59 CEST

A unique folk-punk band that can play the main stage at Glastonbury and still play acoustic sets to a pub full of fans, the Levellers have never lost the things that made them special; storming live performances, superb songwriting and a conscience. To date they have sold over 6 million records and performed to over 10 million people worldwide. The show in Copenhagen will feature their stunning new album along with their classic hits. According to reviews from the many festivals the band played this summer the audience can expect a glorious gig.

The band is looking forward to bringing their show on the road and remembers their previous visits to Scandinavia, among other things they headlined the Roskilde and Hultsfred-festivals back in the 1990´s.  
-  I have great memories of our shows and tours in Scandinavia and festivals we’ve played, says Jeremy Cunningham from The Levellers. We’ve had great times at the Roskilde festival and in Roskilde itself. All kinds of interesting things in Christiania and the Viking Museum in Oslo is excellent, to name just a few places. We’ve been stuck in the snow and bad weather a few times trying to get around. Most recently in Bergen when the bus with our gear got stuck and we had to borrow some instruments to play a show! I’m really looking forward to our shows in October when we’re touring all over Europe with the new album.

The Levellers burst onto the music scene in the late eighties at the height of Thatchers reign, 'Folk-Punk' grabbed the zeitgeist as punk had done in the seventies, it identified a whole dissafected slice of society that was at odds with the governments repressive stance on anyone who didn't fit into their mould. Perhaps their key to success is the way they can marry biting lyrics to decidedly upbeat music. Thatcher may be gone but the world we live in now is no safer - The Levellers are more relevant than ever.

The Levellers' new album "Static On The Airwaves" has received glorious reviews. The album sees the band in as militant a mood as ever and "Static On The Airwaves" portrays a continent in crisis. The first single, "Truth Is", was inspired by the impressions which the British outfit gathered on visits to Athens.

  -The politicians and bankers have dumped all the burdens on those at the bottom of the pile, says singer Mark Chadwick. They're now paying for the havoc caused by others.

Coming up on their 25th anniversary The Levellers are still angry. The Brighton-based folk-punk band are unrivalled in their commitment to the principles of liberty as they doggedly pursue the fight for equality, understanding and freedom. No other musicians occupy such a hard-edged position on capitalism, display such a rabble-rousing approach in their lyrics and music. But this is only one side of "Static On The Airwaves". Where there is injustice, there is also hope.

  -  We've got a lot of different stories on the album, and most of them are told from a highly personal standpoint, says Chadwick of the album's general tenor. They are real stories about real people, and there's hope even in their darkest moments.


The Levellers Live in Scandinavia:
23/10      Malmö, KB
24/10       Oslo,  John Dee - ticket information  
25/10       Stockholm,  Göta Källare
26/10       Göteborg, Sticky Fingers
27/10       Köpenhamn VEGA – ticket information


Full tour, videos, music and more: http://www.levellers.co.uk/
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Reviews, album & live 2012:

“The Levellers album to silence the critics and repay the faithful is here - tune in.”  Classic Rock (8 out of 10)
Levellers har begået et stærkt album med fremragende musikalske præstationer over hele linjen.” Diskant.dk (8 out of 10)
“one of their most varied and satisfying set-lists ever. […]Levellers completely smashed it, and bought their new album into the world with a bang, sending out a revved-up sweaty crowd of happy fans into the London night. “ Rhythm Circus
 “the audience gets a glorious gig, […]Tonight the Levellers sounded better than they have for some time, and delivered an absolute classic set list.”  Spiral Earth
“Static On The Airwaves is the Levellers tenth album, one that connects every strand of the band's DNA placing it right up there with their best work.” Spiral Earth
The Levellers have delivered what should be seen not just as a great album, but as an important album.” Folk Radio UK
“Though they’re approaching 25 years of righteous indignation, Levellers’ 10th album tells us that they’ve lost none of their bite or skill in honing an uplifting tune around which they deliver that fire and fury. After an (in hindsight) rather insipid and patchy effort last time out, on 2008’s Letters From The Underground, what they’ve got here is a dynamic play-it-loud maelstrom of sawing fiddles and firebrand lyrics.” Record Collector Magazine (4 out of 5)
“drop The Levellers casually into conversation and you’ll be faced with one of three reactions: the blank face of unknowing, the utter disgust of a “hater” or the enthusiastic grin of someone who has seen Mark Chadwick lead his band of cult folk rockers into battle, spilt ale on the heads of fellow punters and danced to the sound of fiddle beautifully soaring over distorted guitar. There is no middle ground with the Levellers and if you loved them before, then you’ll really love their latest album, Static On The Airwaves.” Rythm Circus