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Is Denmark afraid of change?

Pressemeddelelse   •   Feb 03, 2011 21:51 CET

Worktrotter DK has released the report of the survey:“Do you perceive Danes open to foreigners living in Denmark?

The survey results are worrying: 46% of the participants answered negatively to the above question,versus 26% who gave a positive assessment. Considering that 98% of the 703 survey participantsare well-educated, this is a worrying result especially as Denmark claims the need for well-educatedwork-force from abroad.

Based on the comments of the participants there are 5 problem areas: social integration,government/authorities, media, language and not feeling treated as equal. The results of the surveyshow also a strong discrepancy between what is claimed by Danes and Denmark (well-educatedforeigners and from Western countries being welcome) and what it is perceived by the foreignersthemselves.

The current unwelcoming atmosphere around foreigners can have economical consequences: Notonly will people with good skills leave, but they will also be ambassadors for or against Denmark inregards to corporate spending and tourism depending on their experiences in the country.

Openness, friendliness, “hygge”, and treating people equally is the Danish way. Or do we have tosay “was” the Danish way? Considering the results of the survey, many foreigners don’t seem toexperience these Danish qualities. The full report of the survey can be downloaded from

About Worktrotter DK:Worktrotter DK’s is focusing on the needs and experiences of foreigners living in Denmark, withthe majority of our over 6,000 members being well-educatd. Our approach is to look at integrationchallenges from the angle of foreigners by involving Danes and foreigners and such benefitting ofthe breadth of knowledge in the international community as well.Worktrotter DK gives foreigners a voice so they can be heard, and makes the good work conductedby foreigners, with foreigners and for foreigners more visible.

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