Pressemeddelelse   •   Feb 05, 2013 22:06 CET

Time Kommune pushes plans for 60 new care homes forward! The overwhelming political support launches the project into its next phase, which will lead to construction by the end of the year.

Despite the need for care, many people wish to remain in their own home during treatment. When planning a care facility for a diverse demographic of residents (elderly and youth), it was vital to maintain the close, intimate and local familiarity of the home. The design drew inspiration from the surrounding built and natural scale and their characteristic pitched roofs, which evoke nostalgic associations of the home. It was also essential that the design optimized space and enabled efficient and secure day to day functionality for staff and residents.



jaja means Yes Yes! It represents our approach to architecture, which is not about a defined architectural style but rather an optimistic curiosity that explores all the possibilities that architecture can be.Our approach is based on all projects having several needs, demands, scopes, limitations and potentials. Some are obvious other contradictory but all relevant. Instead of eliminating opportunities, we strive to meet needs. Instead of separating parameters in a project, we strive to find a solution that combined will create something meaningful for the individual while contributing to the community.