Lyreco launches a new Green Product Assessment methodology

Pressemeddelelse   •   Feb 13, 2013 09:32 CET

Global leader in workplace supply solutions receives approval from SGS for its new product assessment

Lyreco, a European leader in workplace supply solutions, announced the launch of its new industry‐leading Green Products Assessment process. The detailed and precise methodology allows consumers to easily identify environmentally preferable products on the Lyreco’s webshop and catalogue with a green tree symbol. Further information accompanies each product, detailing why Lyreco deems the product preferable for the environment, providing an unprecedented insight into the product’s impact on the environment and allowing customers to buy green in confidence.

Nasser Kahil, Lyreco Group Quality, Security & Sustainability Director, said: "Our new Green Product Assessment is an unparalleled, comprehensive evaluation of a product's environmental impact. Not only has an independent third party, SGS, approved our methodology, but we have based it on the internationally recognised standard ISO 14020. We are rolling out the Green Product Assessment across Europe to provide a unique level of clarity of information allowing customers understand exactly how a product affects the environment. We are very proud of the system we have put in place and hope it will compel our customers to choose products that are right for them, whilst minimising impacts on the environment." 

The Lyreco Group began developing its assessment methodology in early 2011. It is based on the internationally recognised ISO 14020; the highest of the ISO Environmental Claims series standards. The assessment process itself requires a close relationship with suppliers and includes a number of steps to establish each product’s grade. 

Suppliers are required to provide Lyreco with detailed documents supporting their claims for their environmentally preferable products. Lyreco then undertakes a detailed investigation into the claims made by the supplier to validate their authenticity and to verify their accordance with qualifications outlined in ISO 14021. Each product is then attributed a score. 

Once the assessment is complete, those products that Lyreco deem sufficiently environmentally preferable are awarded the 'green tree' picto in Lyreco's webshop and catalogue. Lyreco has now more than 1500 environmentally Group products in Lyreco’s global product range. Customers can access detailed information on the environmental merits of each product by clicking on a dedicated button. 

“I’m truly proud of the way our teams have embraced this project. Lyreco continues to lead with its unique methodology, providing customers with a greater choice and enabling them to minimise their impact on the environment,” said John Watson, Group Marketing Director. ISO 14020, on which the assessment is based, relies on two standards: ISO 14021 and ISO 14024.

ISO 14021 covers twelve criteria for 'self‐claim', such as recycled content, product recyclability, degradability and reducing resources used in the product manufacturing process. Lyreco has assessed each product in its catalogue on these 12 criteria. ISO 14024 covers the certified ecolabels such as FSC, PEFC, Blue Angel and EU Flower. 

Lyreco is a privately owned provider of workplace supplies solutions to the business community and a leader in business‐to‐business office products solutions. With 10,000 employees, including a sales force of over 4,500 people, its core expertise is in the focus on customer service and distribution excellence. As well as being market leader in Europe, Lyreco is also present in North America, Australia and Asia operating in 27 countries. The group generated sales of €2.2 billion in 2011. Adding partners, it covers 41 countries over 5 continents.