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Maersk Partners with Venture Cup Denmark to target university start-ups

Press release   •   Mar 23, 2018 09:52 CET

With its size and global presence, it’s easy to forget that A.P. Moller - Maersk was started by one person with an idea. The partnership with Venture Cup Denmark, a world-leading non-profit organization for university students, will provide the company access to tap into the bright ideas at an early stage.

Maersk is an integrated transport and logistics company and a global leader in container shipping and ports, with the aim of connecting and simplifying the customers supply chain.

The partnership between Maersk and Venture Cup Denmark, a world-leading non-profit organization for university students, whose mission is to contribute to the development of the talents and technology of tomorrow, will help establish dialogue with university startups that can turn ideas into real business.

The partnership will create a new category within Venture Cup’s competitions, namely NextGen Logistics, targeting university startups committed to find new ways to match the increasing demand in the field. They will tackle the key challenges to influence the future of trade and logistics and provide more sustainable solutions.

Maersk has refined the process of how it can turn ideas into business opportunities. “Our customers’ needs are our source to transform the entire value chain, to create growth and major impact for our industry”, says Sune Stilling, Head of Growth at Maersk.

“The aim for the partnership is trying to identify the best university startups that want to work together with Maersk, have a mature idea or proven solution and a committed team and ultimately want to co-build a new business,” continues Stilling.

“We are very excited to announce this partnership. Not only does the collaboration between Maersk and Venture Cup create value for both organisations, it also opens up an array of opportunities to entrepreneurial students - especially within the field of transport and logistic.

In both our competitions and development programs, Maersk will be a key partner for Venture Cup in discovering and supporting student startups going forward.” says Morten Ugelvig Andersen, CEO of Venture Cup Denmark.

The partnership between Venture Cup and Maersk will

  • Encourage startups and entrepreneurs in the NextGen category
  • Strengthen non-linear and creative ideas
  • Help tackle the key challenges within the transportation & logistics sector
  • Develop the talents and technology of tomorrow
  • Allow access to bright ideas at an early stage
  • Create growth and impact in the transportation & logistics industry


For more information, please feel free to contact Morten Ugelvig Andersen, CEO Venture Cup Denmark, at or (+45) 61 77 74 25.

Venture Cup er en non-profit organisation og den eneste i Danmark, der samarbejder med alle danske universiteter og forsøger at bygge bro mellem erhvervslivet og universitetsstuderende. Målet er at inspirere og hjælpe unge entreprenører gennem mentorer, netværk, workshops og konkurrencer. Venture Cup har eksisteret i 18 år og hjulpet mere end 200 startups i Danmark.

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