Pressemeddelelse   •   Nov 15, 2011 17:12 CET

Mermaid does so by joining 12 entrepreneurs on an inspirational and adventurous journey around the country. The passengers have been carefully selected on the basis of their entrepreneurial initiatives of exceptional character. 

With the aid of a variety of sponsors, including Mermaid, the 12 entrepreneurs will have the best possible setting at their disposal in terms of creative workshops, sparring sessions and brainstorming with well-qualified innovative resources and local business people – elements that will take the entrepreneurs on an inspirational and educational tour.

The entrepreneurial projects of the participants originate from a variety of professional fields such as pharmacology, sports, and digital development. Alongside skilled individuals from five different cities, the participants will seek knowledge and exchange experiences within the fields of modern information technology, project management and creativity.

The project entitled “The Startup Buzz” will take place from the 14th to the 18th of November, and commences and ends at the town hall square of Copenhagen with stops in cities of visionary excellence; Roskilde, Vejle, Sønderborg, Kolding and Silkeborg. 

The Startup Buzz is sponsored by Arriva, the largest operator of bus services in Denmark. “When Arriva invited us to be part of this project and help the participants with their work while creating public awareness of the project, we did not hesitate to accept. The transport sector is a sector of great importance to us, and our core competencies are well represented in this business sector” states Nico Colijn, Marketing Director at Mermaid.  

He continues: "The Startup Buzz is an exciting project, which Mermaid wishes to support fully. In many ways we consider ourselves an entrepreneurial company. In 2004 we considered it our ambition to become a complete provider of digital signage solutions. At the time, only six employees  with backgrounds in hardware and software development were involved in the task of accomplishing this ambition. With hard work and dedication,  and also a great focus on sales, Mermaid has been able to evolve greatly in the industry and is now considered the leading supplier of digital signage in Scandinavia”. 

Mermaid is providing the Startup Buzz with a 40” screen on which participants can present their ideas and thoughts. An additional three 19” screens will display news and other relevant content. Furthermore, a “Twitter screen” will be placed at the rear window of the bus, displaying the ideas and thoughts of the participants to the outside world. 

At the end of the week, an award naming the “Dare2Buzz’er” of the year will be presented to one of the 12 participants. The winner will be guaranteed relevant guidance, help and support in the task of achieving his/her entrepreneurial dream. The award is sponsored by the consultancy company ‘Dare2’. 

Mermaid looks forward to being a part of this grand tour, and would like to wish all participants an exciting and inspirational journey.

Mermaid's Goals

It is Mermaid's vision to be the leading supplier of dynamic digital signage in Northern Europe.

Mermaid wants to guarantee its customers the best solutions in the market – designed and developed to fulfill customers' individual needs at competitive prices. Trust and respect for the company and its products – from employees, customers, partners and investors – is of crucial importance for Mermaid. We constantly work to live up to this trust and respect. Mermaid seeks to build long lasting customer relations and use these relations to develop products in close co-operation with our customers and the market.

Mermaid seeks to develop products and technologies which can be used in several environments to improve Mermaid's competitive advantages and profit.