Mississauga Injury Lawyer Firm Share Lawyers Establish Their Supremacy

Press Release   •   Aug 16, 2013 08:19 CEST

With an enviable record of successful disability claims awards to their credit, Share Lawyers is now in the forefront as a leading Mississauga injury lawyer firm.

It is not uncommon for claimants to be denied insurance benefits even if they suffer a serious personal injury.

If a denial letter arrives from an insurance company, there are steps claimants can take to get their application reconsidered. But legal experts warn – do not do what the denial letter asks you to do. According to them this may only bring claimants more years of delay.

“Never give in, whether it is great or small, large or petty”, say personal injury lawyers in Ontario, paraphrasing what Sir Winston Churchill said in one of his famous speeches in 1941.

An insurance company’s claim denial is not necessarily the final verdict. Any wrongful insurance benefits denials can always be legally contested.

Here is a case in point.

An executive assistant who had a pre-existing neurological disorder got involved in a motor vehicle collision that resulted in the victim suffering a host of symptoms. The victim was denied benefits by both her employer as well as by the automobile insurance company. Each party put the onus on the other to settle the claim.

Auto insurers were adamant that her problems were due to her pre existing illness, while her disability insurers argued she was not disabled at all.

The victim approached Share Lawyers. Since the accident was not her fault Share Lawyers offered all assistance to her in getting the rightful benefits.  

Share Lawyers tenaciously fought the case that finally resulted in legal action against all the insurers. The victim eventually received a total compensation of $200,000 enabling her to get on with her life.

The Mississauga injury lawyer firm’s ability to effectively communicate with clients in combination with its vast experience of more than 25 years has helped it deliver winning outcomes for clients.

Share Lawyers is assisted by its dedicated team of personal injury and long term disability insurance claim lawyers, law clerks, and legal assistants.
About Share Lawyers

Share Lawyers established in 1987 has been providing top-quality personal injury and disability injury representation to individuals. Share Lawyers’ cutting edge is their state-of-the art technology which allows them to have up-to-date information about their clients’ cases. The legal team of Share Lawyers is headed by David Share who is the co-founder and President of the law firm.  David Share’s practice is devoted to disability insurance, personal injury, and motor vehicle accidents insurance.

He is a member of both the Ontario and the New York Bars.  

Those who want to consult one of the best Mississauga injury lawyer firm for disability and insurance coverage disputes, car accidents, serious personal injuries, and death claims in Ontario can call Share Lawyers at 416.488.9000 or write to:

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