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This page is here to talk to you about the lingo you will specifically swtor credits be seeing with Swtor. Every game will have different words and acronyms in it so this page here will go over the exact ones that you will be seeing in Swtor. If you're new to MMORPGs as a whole and you just started with Swtor because you're ethier a Star Wars fan or just because then you will want to go over the MMORPG Lingo guide first. To view the MMORPG Lingo guide click here.

Hearth - Hearth is a generalized term from WoW which is used when the player is returning to their bind point or a main hub using an ability such as Quick Travel.

Auction House - The Auction House in Swtor is called the Galactic Trade Market. This is where players will be able to sell their items to other players by putting them up onto the Auction House so other players can buy them.

This guide will cover the Fleet Station Respec guy whom is located in the Combat Training area of your Fleet Station. The location will be different on the Imperial Fleet Station (maybe) but from my experience the Respec guy is in one of the "last bins".

You can see what I mean by "last bin" in the picture. What I mean by that is one of the rooms on the end. You'll know when you see him because he is labeled as the <Skill Mentor>. Once a week players will be able to respec for free but after that it will start costing Credits. It won't cost much at first but the more you respec the more it will cost. I am not sure if the cost resets every week, I'd assume it does but I have not tested it myself or heard from anyone if it does.

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