New derma roller is the perfect gift to your skin

Pressemeddelelse   •   Mar 28, 2019 15:10 CET

A derma roller is a great way to help fix the skin in your face, by penetrating the skin with a lot of small needles, that helps your skin heal. Once the ecooking derma roller got its claws in you, the skin will stimulate to strengthen and retain the elasticity in the skin.

Have you ever considered needles in your face?

It truly sound scary and acupuncture has the same concept as the derma roller. It uses needles to improve health. But with acupuncture the needles stay and has benefits in the entire body. The derma roller rolls 540 0,5 mm small needles across the skin, and strengthens the skin while doing so. It’s, as the name implies, a roller that you roll up and down your face, neck and upper chest, to stimulate the skin.

Though the concept sounds painful, it’s a very mild “pain” you experience. You can compare it to putting some really strong facemask, that goes in the skin and cleanses the filth in the skin. It really more of an itch than pain. Having acne scars across the face, saggy or rough skin or color pigmentation might be a thing that a person is not satisfied with. Therefore the derma roller especially helps with those kind of issues in the skin.

How to use

Though the derma roller doesn’t sound as complicated, as other kinds of beauty products, it has to be used properly to have any positive effect. Though it’s not complicated, some steps are important to follow.

  1. It’s recommended doing it before bed
  2. Clean the skin thoroughly before use
  3. Roll over the skin, with a soft pressure
  4. Change direction: horizontal, vertical and diagonally
  5. Change spots
  6. Apply a serum that comes with
  7. Apply a mild night cream before bedtime