New media unites game entrepreneurs in the Nordic

Press Release   •   Sep 08, 2014 15:19 CEST

Games for mobile, tablet, console and computer is one of the fastest growing areas of the entertainment industry. By 2017, it is estimated that the games industry alone will generate more than 82 billion dollars in revenue worldwide.

The same trends are prevalent in the Nordics, where game development is experiencing strong growth, with Sweden and Finland as the leading markets, and Denmark and Norway following close behind. With such a rapid growth, it has so far been very difficult to get a comprehensive overview of the industry in the Nordics. But that is about to change.  

Nordic Game Bits is a brand new media that brings together everything related to game development across the Nordic region with a special focus on the many small and medium-sized game developers that make up the fastest growing segment of the industry. The goal is to create a media for the entire industry, where game developers can keep up with what is going on, and potential partners, institutions or investors can get in touch with game developers from the Nordic. is a co-operation between Daniel Laursen, the founder of the entrepreneurial news media, Jesper Krogh Kristiansen, who both works as a game developer himself, and has written on the subject for the past 10 years, and the trio's youngest member, Sune Blindkilde Thorsen, who comes from the Marketing and Management Communication study at Aarhus University, and has previously run his own business.

"The Nordic game developers have long lacked a base or a hub, that can both keep them up to date with the current trends, but also act as an interface between developers and potential partners and institutions," Jesper Krogh Kristiansen explains. A need which Daniel Laursen has also experienced. "Through Trendsonline I have noted that there has been an insane amount of interest in this area, but no platform which could act as a focal point for everyone interested in the industry," he says. will have the latest news from the area on a daily basis, but also feature longer features, interviews, podcasts and series, to make sure that each individual game developer's experience can be shared with the rest of the Nordic industry.  

All content on the website is in English. Both to overcome possible language barriers between the Nordic countries, but also in acknowledgement of the fact that many employees in the Nordic games industry come from abroad. In addition, the English language will allow Nordic Game Bits to act as a window showcasing  the Nordic games industry to the rest of the world.

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Our vision is to create a platform that can inspire existing and future nordic game-projects and companies, thus bringing the entire gaming industry in the Nordic region forward. We want to be the first to write about the most interesting Nordic game-projects, as well as cover the industry as a whole in order both to give every aspiring talent, as well as existing game-developer a place to get their daily news and share their knowledge.

The mission is to create a hub for everyone interested in game development in the Nordic, and through to help boost the growth of the entire industry by sparking discussions, encouraging debate, and facilitating knowledge sharing.