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​Reconpharma is participating in upcoming ECRM Event in Tampa, FL

Pressemeddelelse   •   Maj 27, 2016 09:57 CEST

Soldier supplement company brings line of superior products to largest retail show

ECRM trade shows allow companies the chance to introduce their products to some of the top retail buyers in the nutritional and health product industry. Reconpharma representatives from the NPI team will therefore have a chance to educate some of the business’s most influential figures about the numerous benefits of the health products.

“We can’t wait for NPI to get to Tampa and participate in the monumental show,” said Reconpharma CEO Martin Holmblad. “This show is a big opportunity for us to expand on the reach we have already developed and to learn from many other major players in the industry about marketing and product development. We are pleased to have the chance to participate.”

At ECRM events, retail buyers visit suppliers in private meeting spaces to discuss product launches, marketing strategies and various other business initiatives. This makes the events different than standard trade shows, which lack the same sort of privacy and intimacy ECRM offers at its shows.

Iraq Veteran and Reconpharma CEO Martin Holmblad of Denmark founded the company after he realized that the food being served on the military bases had a focus of protein but lacked the essential vitamins military personnel needed to be at optimum performance.

Reconpharma’s C-complex, Q-complex and B-complex were created and designed to provide soldiers and active people with the specific vitamins and minerals needed to be healthy, have energy, focus and sleep when needed.

“This show is going to be our next big chance to help show the world what these products can do for everybody,” said Holmblad. “We are completely dedicated to expanding our reach and helping more people than ever have access to the minerals and vitamins their body needs.”

A percentage of the sale of Reconpharma products goes to different veteran projects in the US. On the company website people running veteran projects can apply for economic support.

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