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Pressemeddelelse   •   Nov 03, 2016 11:14 CET, a relatively new player to the online retail space, is known for it’s aggressive pricing strategies. By offering discounted pricing on anything from purchasing items within the same distribution center to waiving the free return policy and using a debit card instead of a credit card, has been able to carve out a unique and competitive space in the ecommerce market. These pricing incentives not only encourage buyers to purchase more items and more often, they streamline the distribution process and make the order fulfillment process much more efficient.

Reconpharma supplements help individuals obtain both mental and physical balance; key to optimal performance. This balance is key to any individual’s health and fitness, whether they be a soldier, athlete, or simply someone who frequently engages in physical activity. The company’s goal is to ensure health and performance to its customers.

Reconpharma’s C-complex, Q-complex and B-complex were created and designed to provide soldiers and active individuals with the specific vitamins and minerals needed to be healthy, have energy, focus and sleep when needed.

The C-complex is a composition of 12 vitamins and six minerals, added co-enzyme Q10 and the super fruit goji berries. Q-Complex is a carefully selected combination of vitamin B6 and five competent minerals. B-complex is composed of a concentrated amount of potassium and Korean ginseng.

“We are very exited about the launch on, and hope to see a lot of happy costumers and sales on this platform” CEO Martin Holmblad, said.

A percentage of the sale of Reconpharma products goes to different veteran projects in the US. On the company website people running veteran projects can apply for economic support.

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