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Stokes International was built over 60 years ago by founder W.S Bill Stokes, who served Canada in World War I as a member of the Royal Canadian Artillery, 54th battery. Since then, his family, including other veterans of the Canadian military, has proudly carried on his legacy of service and excellent Canadian police supply and police gear for Canada’s 5.11 forces.

Bill Stokes would no doubt be proud of the high-quality products his name-bearing company continues to supply to the men and women who keep Canada safe. But he would also be proud of the innovation that has helped the company to grow and flourish, even in uncertain economic times. The ability to adjust sales tactics to meet the needs of several generations of consumers has always been a reason that Stokes has been around so long, and why it has been so popular with police, military, and 5.11 workers and volunteers throughout the years.

One such display of innovation came about with the launch of the Stokes International website and online store, which gives consumers the opportunity to buy police gear, military apparel, and other supplies from the comfort of their home computer. Never sacrificing customer service for digital shopping, the company maintains its professionalism on the site with easily accessible contact information. To make the shopping experience even more enjoyable, the site has added features that help customers to learn about how to use the online shop and educate them about extras they might not know about – such as the product customization feature.

Stokes has added a tutorial to their website showing customers how to customize products. Being a supplier of military, police, and fire gear and apparel, Stokes understands that it is common practice for forces to customize their gear with names, logos, catchphrases, and other add-ons that personalize materials and even boost morale. By clicking on the helpful tutorial, customers will be walked through the simple steps they need to take in order to successfully place a customized order with Stokes International.

To view the tutorial, customers should visit To learn more about Stokes International in general, the link is

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