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Pressemeddelelse   •   Sep 28, 2016 11:29 CEST

Watch the flow and find a full flow of Buy RS Gold the modified twitch channel. Check rs3 gold cheap the YouTube channel, but also for the video, you may have missed the.

This week, you will get a first glance at the second batch of arcs to learn more about!

Tuesday, September 27th 16:00 game time to the game arc: the batch of 2 questions and answers

The second batch of arc will be on us in October. So we think we'll give you a potential peek from the next group of islands you can find in the area.

After you any questions on the forum, the arc in Reddit, or by using the rsqa # label on twitter.

Friday, September 29th 20:00 game time to update the MOD preview preview shauny

Find out what you can expect from Buy Runescape Gold Monday's patch and Friday night shauny more MOD.

Sunday, October 2nd 19:00 game time to PVM and Mod Lee!

Lee Mod will host the usual living community PVM good tic.

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