Share Lawyers Offers Free Lawyer Consultation to Individuals with Unfairly Denied Disability Benefits

Press Release   •   May 30, 2014 07:56 CEST

Share Lawyers is consolidating its position as Ontario’s premier law firm for individuals who need legal representation to confront insurance companies denying long-term insurance benefits.

The law firm has a strong reputation for fighting denied disability insurance claims with tenacity, strategic planning, and aggressive legal maneuvering.  It is not unusual for claims' administrators to deny disability claims for an endless number of reasons, both justifiable and unlawful. The most common reasons for denial include insufficient medical evidence, failure to meet the policy’s definition of disability, presenting proofs via video surveillance, and missed deadlines.

“Many a times, it isn’t easy to confront insurance companies who behave like hawks,” says an employee of a pharmaceutical company who was denied claims for a Bi-Polar disorder. “In my case, the insurer kept insisting that I had a pre-existing condition.” It is the inherent conflicts of interests that force insurance companies to deny claims at first instance.

“Disbursing claims hurts insurers’ bottom lines,” says a claims lawyer.

It becomes incumbent upon individuals to immediately hire counsel following claims' denials. Ideally, affected people in the Ontario region can hire experienced disability lawyers in Toronto who have confronted disability insurers successfully in the past.

Share Lawyers, since 1987, has made a name for itself as a top-class legal firm for fighting disability claims.

The firm is offering free lawyer consultation online with no conditions attached. Individuals can log onto the company’s website and fill out the required details in a form and get free evaluation.

The company’s guarantee is “no fees unless we win”. With a strong track record to back it, Share Lawyers guarantee appears convincing.

About Share Lawyers:

Share Lawyers, established in 1987, has been providing top-quality disability injury representation to individuals. Share Lawyers cutting edge is their state-of-the art technology, which allows them to have up-to-date information about their clients’ cases. With an objective to help individuals who have suffered serious injuries or illnesses, the firm offers free lawyers consultation and does not ask clients to pay any contribution at the beginning of the case. Fees are paid later as percentage of the total amounts recovered.   

Those who want to consult a top-quality claim lawyer in Ontario can call Share Lawyers at 416.488.9000 or write to:

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