Share Lawyers Win Settlement for Ptsd Sufferer

Press Release   •   May 09, 2014 07:52 CEST

Sometimes it is difficult to anticipate the challenges that will come in life. Whether they are financial challenges, medical ones, or personal in nature, it is important to be prepared with insurance in case issues do arrive. One such responsible policyholder was Mia Wright. Mia was the mother of two boys, raising them as a single parent because of the abusive behaviors displayed by her ex husband. She was thankful to have a career in human resources as well as the opportunity to begin anew following her divorce. Unfortunately things did not continue to develop smoothly over the proceeding years.

While walking in a car park following time in the office, Mia was going about her business ready to drive home as usual. That was when she was attacked and physically assaulted. The assault left her so badly beaten and bruised that Mia could not have recognized herself in a mirror. To add to the trauma of the event, the attacker was not a stranger. It was her ex husband. 

The events described above deeply shook Mia and brought back the terrible memories of being abused and assaulted during her marriage. Mia often awoke in the middle of the night with terrors. During the day her work performance suffered due to her lack of sleep and psychological distress. Her boss urged Mia to apply for short term disability claims in order to get back to being herself. Mia prepared a claim with the help of her psychiatrist accordingly and it was accepted by the insurance company. It was clear that Mia was suffering from PTSD. 

However, when short term insurance ran out Mia was still not able to perform. She applied for long term disability assistance and was denied due to a lack of medical evidence. Frustrated, Mia turned to Share Lawyers, who were able to assist her with compassion and intelligence and guide her toward a sizeable settlement that finally put her mind at ease.
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