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Signature a Portable Biomatrics Data Security Device with Fingerprint Recognition

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Nowadays, many employees taking work home or out of office with their personal USB flash drive. When an organization’s information is stored on a non-secured portable storage device, the organization is taking a great risk when the USB drive is taken out of the office (SC magazine, 2011). The compact size of a USB flash drive allows it to be portable, however it can also cause the USB drive to be easily misplaced or lost.

According to an article from SC Magazine, the health care industry had to spend $6 billion annually due to the continued security breaches in the industry. The main causes of breaches were unintentional employee’s actions, lost of computing device and third-party accidents. Therefore, a high level usage of the USB flash drive in an organization might cause exposure of sensitive data due to device loss, unauthorized data extraction, and also infection of malicious code.

Due to the demands for secure USB flash drive, RiTech International had came up with Signature, a fingerprint-based authentication secured USB flash drive. Signature offers the best data protection which will be suitable for professionals that require top security for storing confidential and sensitive data.

The main features of Signature:

  • 2 admin and 4 user fingerprint
  • Dual authentication methodology
  • Self-destruct temper protection
  • Entry guard
  • On-board fingerprint processing & recognition
  • Anti-spoofing
  • Hardware encryption
  • AES-128bits encryption key

Signature is also compatible with other third party software such as Rohos Logon Key, TrustPort USB Antivirus, Imprivata OneSign Single Sign-On and more.


Rohos Logon Key- A program that converts any USB drive as a physical key to access Windows in a secure way (Rohos, 2011).

The security benefits of Rohos Logon Key include:

  • Replace password-based login with hardware USB key
  • Uses big password without the need for remembering it
  • Secure 2-factor login: USB key + PIN code password
  • Single USB key for multiple computers and etc.

Further information (http://www.rohos.com/products/rohos-logon-key/)


TrustPort USB Antivirus – An antivirus program developed by TrustPort A.S to increases the security level of the USB flash drive by preventing it from being affected with viruses from the host computer.

By installing this program into the USB flash drive, it allows the storage medium functions as a portable antivirus. Beside, TrustPort USB Antivirus also offers some other extra features such as data encryption and data shredding (TrustPort, 2011).

Further information (http://www.trustport.com/en/products/trustport-usb-antivirus)


Imprivata OneSign Single Sign-on – A password management program that provides a single action of user authentication allowing the users to access all workstations and applications they are authorized to use (Imprivata, 2011).

The advantages of Imprivata OneSign Single Sign-On are:

  • Single action of user authentication to access all workstations and application
  • Support for multiple authentication option (Example: fingerprint authentication)
  • No interfering with existing IT infrastructure and etc

Further information (http://www.imprivata.com/onesign_sso)


SC magazine (2011), Breaches cost health care industry $6 billion annually http://www.scmagazineus.com/breaches-cost-health-care-industry-6-billion-annually/article/190493

Imprivata (2011), OneSign Single Sign-On


TrustPort (2011), TrustPort USB Antivirus


Rohos (2011), Rohos Logon Key


About Ritech International

In 1998, RiTech International B.V. pioneered the first USB storage solution coupled with Biometrics fingerprint protection. Leading in hardware innovative technologies, RiTech produced a unique security vault to store and protect personal or corporate data. Being hardware-specific, RiTech has kept its dominance by being the only self-contained USB-biometrics producer on the market. Essentially no contamination of software drivers are used to assist data encryption or any software functions used by fingerprint authentication.

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