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Calm the past 24 hours of border control

Pressemeddelelse   •   Jan 06, 2016 14:31 CET

The status of the control efforts along the border to Germany is that everything is calm and continuing in an orderly manner.

During 5 January, it is estimated that the police have controlled 1366 persons. Of them, 36 have been rejected and denied entry into Denmark. One person was also charged with people smuggling.

The ID control along the border to Sweden has not caused any problems either.

By the government's imposition of temporary border controls at the Danish-German border, the police's control efforts were implemented as of 12:00 hours Monday, 4 January 2016.

There are 15 border points to Germany where the police are conducting random controls, partially at the border and partially in near-border areas. That is to say that these are random controls and not a complete border control. The focus is primarily on the three main traffic channels in South Jutland at Padborg, Krusaa and Froeslev, as well as the ferry harbors in Roedby and Gedser and the train stations in Padborg and Toender.

The term "controlled" is used to refer to persons whom the police have been in contact with in order to control said person's identity, regardless of whether the person was asked to show ID documents or not.

The increased control efforts on the border itself will continue, to begin with, until 14 January. Since September 2015, the Danish police have conducted increased controls in near-borders areas as a result of this autumn's extraordinary refugee and migrant situation.

The daily statistics concerning the control efforts at the border can, moving forward, be found on<>


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