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One again Denmark will be exposed to violent weather.

Pressemeddelelse   •   Dec 05, 2013 11:28 CET

DMI, Danish Meteorological Institute, forecasts strong wind up till the strength of a storm or a hurricane from Thursday afternoon till Friday. It appears from the so far available information that the storm will not be as strong as the last storm, however, it will last longer.

Listen to good advice

The Danish police and the Danish Emergency Management Agency give god advice on how the citizens should help themselves and each other during the storm. For the good advice, see:

The police are encouraging everybody to act thoughtfully during the storm and to listen to recommendations given by the authorities through the press, homepages and social media.

Please only call the emergency control center (112) in case of necessity of life. During the last storm the pressure on the control centers caused waiting time. Therefore, please only call 112 to report urgent storm damages where people have been hurt or if people are in immediate danger of being hurt.
Each police district will follow the situation closely and the Danish National Police will form a general view at national level. The police will continuously update and the social media during the storm. For an overview over the police’s social media, see:

We hope that everybody gets though the storm safe and sound.


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