This Is How We Measure Success

2015-09-24 20:19 CEST KeyCore This Is How We Measure Success Article by Nathan Kunkel, Head of Training at KeyCore, September 2015 I spend time thinking about what success is. It’s a big word with many meanings, and often the answer to ‘what is success?’ is highly subjective. It’s individual.

Instagram & Sadolin

2015-09-22 11:22 CEST Sadolin

“Are we still on target to achieve what we set out to achieve, and to get the financial benefits we predicted?”

2015-09-08 09:02 CEST KeyCore Let’s talk about value If value is what we want to harvest from our projects and strategic initiatives, let’s put it front and center. Let’s make these questions the focal point: “Are we getting the value as projected? Are we on track to deliver what the business case promised? Is our value compromised, or are we looking good? How is our forecast holding up?”

Four Principal Areas Of Control To Ensure Project Success

2015-08-21 09:04 CEST KeyCore Are You On Track For Success? Projects go off track one degree at a time. You don’t have to be many degrees off-track to land in Paris when you were aiming for, say, London.

Projects: Plan for success, right?

2015-08-04 09:08 CEST KeyCore There are many issues with ‘projects’, so it’s difficult to know what to address first. Big players, little players, VPs and other decision makers, managers and management consultants, all have an opinion on the health of projects today.

Your Next Great Idea

2015-07-09 09:17 CEST KeyCore ​Great ideas! I love great ideas! I’m addicted to great ideas - I love generating great ideas! But as I tell my children, getting the great idea is the easy part – after that, you need to put the work in. Don’t put the work in, and it’s just a fun ride for however long it lasts. So you’ve got a great idea; what next?

Historical point in time in IT

2015-06-28 09:23 CEST KeyCore For the first time in many years in the IT industry, things are coming together which all point in the same direction, that is, to an increase in true business value delivery.

Ford Focus RS press kit

2015-02-16 13:35 CET Ford Motor Company Den hurtigste, serieproducerede Ford Focus nogensinde er blevet præsenteret. Se det tilhørende press kit her.

Ford inviterer til live webinar "Keep Europe Moving" onsdag den 7. januar kl 11.00

2015-01-06 11:37 CET Ford Motor Company Onsdag d. 7. januar kl. 11 afholdte Ford et LIVE online-event under overskriften ”Keep Europe Moving”. Du kan se webinaret "Keep Europe Moving" her: Se også komplet pressekit: