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Damien Rice’s tilbagekomst blev afsløret i går til et storstilet arrangement i Reykjavik, Island.

Rice distinguishes himself with a powerful voice that carries both grace and grit…melodies that rise and fall with startling dynamic force.”  The New York Times

The music of Irish singer-songwriter Damien Rice demands close attention: Whether he’s singing in an aching whisper or yelling amid strings and other pomp (often in the same song), he’s a nuanced performer who isn’t afraid to lay his feelings bare.”  NPR

You don't write red-raw words like these unless you're for real. Damien Rice is that rare beast.” The Guardian

The long awaited new album from DAMIEN RICE, MY FAVOURITE FADED FANTASY, will be released globally this autumn. The new record is Rice’s first collection of material in eight years and was produced by Rick Rubin and Rice.

‘My Favourite Faded Fantasy’ follows the seminal ‘O’ which sold two and a half million copies worldwide, won the prestigious Shortlist Prize, spent 10 weeks on the Billboard 200, spent 80 weeks on the U.K. chart—as well as the million-selling, Brit-nominated follow-up, ‘9’.

 The title track from the album ‘My Favourite Faded Fantasy’ was given its world premiere on Zane Lowe BBC Radio 1 Monday evening and will be available instantly when you pre-order the album on, and available to stream on Spotify from today (9th).

Watch the video clip for ‘My Favourite Faded Fantasy here:

The first single taken from the album will be "I Don't Want To Change you" which will be premiered later this month.

“Sometimes you have to step away from what you love in order to learn how to love it again,” says Rice regarding the long gap between albums. Whilst fans would repeatedly ask “when?,” for Rice the real question had shifted to “why make an album at all?” My Favourite Faded Fantasy suggests that the answer may have been staring right back at him all along. Here is a selection of songs, which Rice says are “sung straight into the metaphorical mirror.” Intimate, frank and revitalized by making music again, My Favourite Faded Fantasy is a record that accepts one’s faults but also begins, perhaps, to appreciate one’s ability to grow up.

The recording process with producer Rubin began in Los Angeles and finished up in Iceland. “I came to Rick mostly based on what I didn't know about him, rather than what I did,” describes Rice. “For some reason I just had a feeling that I would feel comfortable being open and being me and being vulnerable with Rick.” Rubin, meanwhile, first saw Rice play live around the release of O, and recalls that “he was my favorite new artist at the time. A lot of our work together was to help him see what was so clear to everyone else in the room.” Rice then went from Los Angeles to Iceland and assembled a cast of friends and local musicians to complete My Favourite Faded Fantasy against the stunning backdrop of Reykjavik.

Over the course of his 12-year solo career Rice has been called “nothing short of a complete package of art, personality and presence” (Los Angeles Times) and “the most poignant and scrappy songwriter around” (Newsweek), releasing two full-length albums, two live recordings and an EP.

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