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Great sound is about to wake up the Norse Gods and Goddesses

Press Release   •   May 15, 2014 08:00 GMT


Asgard™ is the name of a new series of audio lifestyle products designed and developed by the Danish company Clint Digital to fill the home with music. The first two products are just about to be released: the wireless speaker ODIN and the wireless and portable speaker FREYA.

The story behind Asgard™

In Norse mythology Asgard is the world of the Norse Gods and Goddesses, known for their toughness, endurance and power. But also quickness and simplicity are descriptive for these fabled and impressive Viking Gods.

Based on the myths the Danish audio/video and design company Clint Digital has developed the audio series Asgard™ by going back to basics with a clear approach for materials, design and functionality. The characteristics are reflected into all aspects of the audio products, from high-quality materials especially selected from top vendors right down to the simplicity of design and usability avoiding all unnecessary features and buttons.

The Danish Asgard™ design 

The Asgard™ series is designed by Phillip Bodum.

Phillip graduated from Parsons The New School for Design in New York where he currently lives and works. With Phillip´s strong roots in Denmark, he has a great dedication to details, materials and functionality.

The Asgard™ concept

As a complete series of lifestyle audio products Asgard™ is designed to fill the home with music. User friendliness and functionality are keywords for the Asgard™ products, and they fit into every home - whether a classic home or a trendy modern home decor. The Asgard™ speakers provide soft, pleasant and detailed sound, and bring to the user the convenience of flexible audio products configured into multiroom placement, with streaming functionality based on simple setup through the App.   

The first two Asgard™ products

The first two products in the Asgard™ series to be launched now are the large wireless stereo speaker ODIN and the small portable and wireless speaker FREYA.

Odin is the ruler of Asgard and the father of Thor. He is the most powerful God but with a soft touch.

ODIN wireless Stereo SPEAKER:

  • For playing wireless music
  • Works with smartphones and tablets
  • 2x25W stereo speaker system (bass reflex), Class-D amplifier with DSP
  • With USB for SW upgrade and charging supported device
  • Line-In, 3.5mm stereo mini-jack
  • AirPlay speaker
  • Fully DLNA compatible
  • Supports Music Direct (Direct connection)
  • Multiroom support (up to 4 speakers in party mode, DLNA only)
  • App setup: Android and iOS APP available on Google Play or Apple APP Store
  • Size: Ø275mm x H 400mm
  • Weight: 7.9 kg
  • Available in two colors:Charcoal Grey and Chalk White
  • Optional: Stand in full aluminium for speaker placement on floor
  • RSP ODIN SPEAKER: € 399,-
  • RSP ODIN Aluminium STAND: € 69,-
  • To be released for sale in June 2014
ODIN is perfectly suited for the living room, providing an astonishingly great and room filling sound with its 2 speakers and 2 tweeters inside the speaker cabinet. ODIN offers an amazing good sound experience, in any volume playing.   

The triangular shape of ODIN is designed for placement on the floor in a corner of a large room. The sound is pushed from the speaker towards the walls and will make the music reflect into the entire room.

The iconic holes in the metal speaker grill, are consistent with the design of the other speakers in the Asgard™ series. The cabinet of ODIN is made of high quality metal, which makes the speaker a lot more durable. This together with the Charcoal Grey or Chalk White color makes ODIN look stunning. Elegant control buttons are placed on top of the device for easy and convenient operation.

A floor stand in full aluminum is available for ODIN, and will make the sound spread perfectly into the room. Also the floor stand brings ODIN up to a more convenient height for users to operate the buttons on the speaker.


Freya is a petite and propitious Goddess. She is known for love, beauty and wealth - and her passion is music.

FREYA Wireless SPEAKER, available in versions with Bluetooth or with AirPlay/DLNA:

  • For playing wireless music
  • Portable
  • Battery Operated. Built-In Li-Ion battery. Playback time up to 6 hours.
  • Works with smartphones and tablets
  • Wi-Fi or Bluetooth (two variants)
  • Bluetooth version supports Stereo Pairing (Wireless stereo)
  • Wi-Fi version supports AirPlay and DLNA
  • Wi-Fi version supports Multiroom Audio (DLNA only)
  • Wi-Fi version supports Music Direct (Direct connection)
  • 7W full tone mono speaker (Bass reflex), Class-D amplifier with DSP
  • With USB for SW upgrade and charging supported devices
  • Line-In, 3.5mm stereo mini-jack
  • App setup: Android and iOS APP available on Google Play or Apple App Store
    (Wi-Fi version only)
  • Size: Ø100mm x H 220mm
  • Weight: 1,2 kg
  • Available in two colors: Charcoal Grey and Chalk White
  • RSP FREYA SPEAKER w/AirPlay: € 249,-
  • RSP FREYA SPEAKER w/Bluetooth: € 179,-
  • To be released for sale in May 2014

FREYA will fit perfectly in any room - office or bedroom etc. FREYA is also easy to move around with its small size and light weight - bringing it from room to room and even outdoors on a terrace or in a garden has never been easier.

The elegant cylindrical design of FREYA, with its compact look and stylish metal grill, makes it adaptable and nice to look at in any setting.

The materials are vital, not only to give music lovers a high quality product, but also to make the product last longer. The materials used for FREYA is high-end steel and grade A aluminum providing the speaker with a very elegant look that differs from other products. 

Control buttons are placed on top of the speaker for easy and convenient operation.

FREYA provides a nice, soft and detailed sound.

For product testing and reviews:

Requests concerning test products and detailed product information for product reviews can be addressed to: Clint Digital ApS, René Larsen, or +45 72 240 240.
For further information please visit


EET Europarts is the distributor of Clint Digital products and the Asgard™ series all over Europe.

For further information about distribution, resellers and reselling, please contact your local EET Europarts sales entity. Contact details can be found here:


About Clint Digital

Clint Digital was founded in 2008. Behind the brand and launch were a group of well-established entrepreneurs in the field of digital audio and digital video with roots back to 1994 within this industry.

The founders of Clint Digital were among the pioneers for digital radio products (DAB/DAB+/Internet radios etc.) in Northern Europe.

The base and key foundation of Clint® is to provide well-designed and well-engineered products.

Clint Digital takes pride in being an innovative and forward thinking company. The product range is mainly developed and designed in Denmark and is strongly focused on design and functionality.

Clint Digital thrives to create products including state-of-the-art technology, sophisticated design and user-friendliness for everyone.



About EET Group

EET Group is Europe's leading distributor within: Computer & Printer parts, Home Entertainment & Lifestyle Electronics, Surveillance & Security and Point of Sale & Digital Signage.  

EET Group was founded in 1986, and is today represented with 31 sales offices in 26 countries across Europe and Africa under the commercial name EET Europarts.

EET Group represents a wide range of leading brands including: HP, Lexmark, IBM, Canon, Epson, Acer, Lenovo, Axis, Synology, IQeye, Samsung, Ernitec, Sony, Milestone, Sling Media, B&O PLAY, MicroBattery, MicroMemory, MicroLamp, MicroStorage, MicroConnect, MicroScreen, Hitachi, Western Digital, estuff, Sandberg, Garmin, Jawbone, Kensington, Libratone, Loewe and many more.

EET Group is situated in Birkerød just north of Copenhagen and is the parent company of all EET Europarts sales entities. As such EET Group is the backbone of the organisation and provides all back office functions within: Corporate Management, Finance, Marketing, IT, WEB- and ERP-development, Logistics, Product Management and Procurement.

The group employs approximately 500 employees, serves more than 40,000 dealers and handles more than 750,000 deliveries per year.


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