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High quality screen protection for smartphones and tablets

Press Release   •   Sep 09, 2014 10:00 CEST


TitanShield by eSTUFF is high grade screen protection for smartphones and tablets, made of real Japanese tempered glass, hardened to a strength 9 times tougher than ordinary glass.

When it comes to touch screens nothing beats real glass. The clarity, the touch and the feeling are all premium and functionalities are uninterrupted. The same is true for touch screen protectors.

Therefore real glass screen protectors have certain advantages over soft foil and plastic “glass” protectors when put in use. 

TitanShield protection glass ensures the highest quality in terms of retaining the full functionality of a high-definition display. And of course the super toughness of the tempered glass is an important feature guarding the screen against cracks and scratches from everyday use.


Facts about TitanShield

TitanShield is high grade screen protectors designed for smart phones and tablets, made of real Japanese tempered glass, which is hardened to a strength 9 times tougher than ordinary glass.

TitanShield protectors are super thin and almost invisible adding only 0.33 mm in thickness and a few grams in weight to the mobile device.

TitanShield glass protectors are treated with an oleophobic coating, which makes the screen feel very smooth. It also minimizes smudge from greasy fingers and makes it much easier to clean.

TitanShield protectors are very resistant to scratches and most day-to-day encounters like keys and coins. Like on all glass, the surface of TitanShield can be scratched - but due to the hardening only with very hard materials and with a certain amount of force. 

TitanShield screen protectors are not unbreakable
- actually quite the contrary

TitanShield is designed to protect, and therefore it is, in fact, also designed to break when absorbing shock damages from a strong impact. Otherwise, the impact force would risk damaging the original screen of the mobile device.

To prevent shattering upon breaking, TitanShield glass protectors are laminated, just like the windshield of a car. This way a broken TitanShield can easily be removed without any splinters, revealing an undamaged screen of the mobile device.

All glass including screen glass is most vulnerable in the corners as it is an exposed and unprotected edge. However, TitanShield has minimized the risk by making the edges curved for all TitanShield glass protectors for smart phones. This means that if cracks in the edges or corners are experienced, it can be seen as an advantage, since the TitanShield protection glass in this case has taken the beating from the smartphone’s most vulnerable spots.

TitanShield is designed to give your device extra protection, and to greatly increase your phone or tablet´s survivability in daily life.

Ease of use

TitanShield is extremely easy to apply. You just need to wipe the screen with the included cleaning kit to remove all dust and residue and place the TitanShield protection glass carefully and precisely on top of the screen of the mobile device. A thin silicon layer will make the glass adhere seamlessly to the screen without any bubbles, and with no reduction in the touch screen sensitivity.

Also most bumpers, covers and cases will fit absolutely fine with TitanShield applied. The 0.33 mm thickness makes it an almost invisible extension to your mobile device screen.


Wide product range

The eSTUFF TitanShield protectors are available for the most sold and most popular smartphones and tablets.

Recommended sales prices from app. € 25

See eSTUFF TitanShield assortment on local country page.


Further product information and test samples:

Requests for test samples and detailed product information for product reviews can be addressed to:

EET Group A/S
Thomas Seim Larsen, Product Manager +45 45 82 19 19.


The eSTUFF TitanShield products are distributed worldwide by EET Europarts. For further information about distribution, resellers and reselling, please contact your local EET Europarts sales entity.

Contact details can be found here:


About eSTUFF

eSTUFF is a Danish founded brand for lifestyle gadgets and accessories. Cool design and technology is the focus, drive and passion, with a mindset devoted to making new products for digital entertainment gadgets, smartphones and personal computing demands.

About EET Group

EET Group is Europe's leading distributor within: Computer & Printer parts, Home Entertainment & Lifestyle Electronics, Surveillance & Security, Point of Sale & Auto ID and Professional AV & Digital Signage.

EET Group was founded in 1986, and is today represented with 31 sales offices in 26 countries across Europe and Africa under the commercial name EET Europarts.

EET Group represents a wide range of leading brands including: HP, Lexmark, IBM, Canon, Epson, Acer, Lenovo, Axis, Synology, IQeye, Samsung, Ernitec, Sony, Milestone, Sling Media, B&O PLAY, MicroBattery, MicroMemory, MicroLamp, MicroStorage, MicroConnect, MicroScreen, Hitachi, Western Digital, estuff, Sandberg, Garmin, Jawbone, Kensington, Loewe and many more.

EET Group is situated in Birkerød just north of Copenhagen and is the parent company of all EET Europarts sales entities. As such, EET Group is the backbone of the organisation and provides all back office functions within: Corporate Management, Finance, Marketing, IT, WEB- and ERP-development, Logistics, Product Management and Procurement.

The group employs approximately 500 employees, serves more than 40,000 dealers and handles more than 750,000 deliveries per year.


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