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New Loewe bild 5 OLED TV: High tech with soul

Press Release   •   Jun 15, 2017 14:00 CEST

A sensual and individual blend of futuristic state-of-the-art OLED technology and aesthetics inspired by retro designs of the Sixties.


The bild 5 OLED; a truly unique and ingeniously modular design, mix and match components to create your own individual configuration. Inside: the very best that television technology has to offer. Outside: an exciting retro inspired aesthetic and enticing selection of materials, combining wood with brushed aluminum, an ultra-slim high tech screen, bespoke acoustic fabric and a wide range of stand options.
Craftsmanship, high-tech, lightness, sensuality, warmth. Bodo Sperlein, Loewe’s London-based creative director, has brought all of these characteristics together in the eclectic design of the new bild 5 OLED. “We are one of the first television manufacturers who have started using natural materials again such as wood, and in turn transformed the television set into an object. A piece of furniture that radiates a ‘welcome home’ feeling,” Sperlein explains. “bild 5 OLED is warm minimalism, high-tech with soul and a touch of cosiness.”
By combining varied and beautiful materials, bild 5 OLED has become a character piece. In natural ‘Silver Oak’, stained ‘Black Oak’ or high gloss ‘Piano Black’. A variety of stand options can be mixed and matched with these three colours and Loewe’s sophisticated sound systems.

The most individual television in the world

Loewe bild 5 OLED’s innovative modular concept is fun, creative and functional. The various configurable components, that come in several colours and elegant materials, can be combined with each other in a multitude of ways. Loewe has given its customers endless possibilities to create their perfect TV. Choose from a flexible wall mount, table or floor stand, available in either Silver Oak or Black Oak. Specify with or without a bespoke 80 watt bild 5 soundbar in co-ordinating Silver Oak or Piano Black. Without soundbar the panel is finished with a stunning décor line again in Silver Oak or Piano Black, a beautifully subtle detail imparting unique character to the bild 5 OLED. For a true concert hall experience, bild 5 OLED can be accompanied by Loewe’s klang 1 or wireless klang 5 speaker systems, boasting up to an amazingly powerful 270 watts of music output. Thanks to the bild 5’s built-in 5.1 multi-channel audio decoder and digital audio link, there’s no need for an additional audio receiver or amp, so adding speakers or a subwoofer is both simple and clutter free with all audio control beautifully integrated with the TV remote – you can’t get any more individual than that.

OLED. A new dimension in television.

The latest generation OLED screen is ultra-slim. Thinner than most smartphones, at just 4.9mm, the display makes the bild 5 OLED appear almost weightless. The TV set has a light and delicate look despite the impressive 55” and 65” screen diagonals. OLED technology generates crystal-clear images using self-lighting pixels called organic light-emitting diodes. In contrast to LCDs, these screens do not require back-lighting, so when a pixel is switched off the screen is completely black. The OLED screen can transform from being brightly lite to absolute blackness in less than a microsecond ensuring breathtakingly natural motion. Add high dynamic range (HDR), including Dolby Vision (TM), for even higher contrast and a much wider range of colours for pictures that are more brilliant and more natural than ever before. bild 5 OLED – uncompromising, perfect picture quality.

The features

Loewe bild 5 OLED has an integrated hard disk (DR+) with 1,000 GB of storage space. Watch a football match while recording a crime thriller and a film, all at the same time. Pause live TV programmes and continue watching later where you left off. If it is late, use your Loewe TV as a streaming client, simply pause the programme you are watching in the lounge and when you are ready continue watching where you left off in your bedroom on a second Loewe TV. All of this, with the greatest of ease as you would expect from Loewe. TV channels, recordings, apps and other external sources can be stored quickly and easily added onto the home screen. The overview in live TV has also been improved by adding a timeline that shows the precise viewing point in the programme for better guidance.

The new Loewe app

Loewe TVs can now be operated by smartphones and tablets thanks to the new Loewe app. The application can also act as an electronic programme guide. 

Loewe bild 5 OLED: Technical data

Screen diagonal: 55" / 65"
Display: OLED display technology
HDR (Dolby Vision / HDR 10 / HLG)
Resolution: Ultra HD 3840 x 2160
Reception: DVB-T2 / DVB-C / DVB-S2 / UHD@60Hz
Connections: 4 x HDMI UHD / 1 x USB 3.0 / 2 x USB 2.0 / WLAN / Bluetooth
Sound: As a monitor without integrated sound
With soundbar: 2 x 40 W music output
Optional: System can be expanded individually with Loewe klang 1 or 5
Set-up solutions: Floor/Table/Wall solution




Loewe bild 5 OLED is available in two screen sizes: 55" and 65".

Loewe bild 5 OLED 55" retails from Euro 4,299
Loewe bild 5 OLED 65" retails from Euro 6,299


Loewe products are distributed in the Nordic countries by EET Europarts. For further information about distribution, resellers and reselling, please contact the local Nordic EET Europarts sales entity.

Contact details can be found here:


Loewe – we invented the television!

Founded in 1923 by the brothers Siegmund and David Ludwig Loewe, Loewe presented the world’s first electronic film transmission at the 8th Berlin Radio Exhibition in 1931. The brilliant inventor and physicist Manfred von Ardenne, Loewe’s Chief Engineer, came up with the technology. This marked Loewe's invention of the electronic television – TV as we know it today. Loewe also developed the first portable television. And that's not all. Loewe Art 1 - now a design icon - was exhibited in the New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in the 1980s. Loewe devices are still made in Germany – with great passion, enthusiasm and extensive expertise. The development, production and service departments are based in Kronach (Upper Franconia). Loewe products have been perfected down to the last detail and designed to last and save energy. Modular technology, premium materials, precise workmanship, regular software updates and timeless design guarantee a sustainable product – high-tech with soul.


About EET Group

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