Empower to carry out a study to provide guidelines to imbalance settlement period of 15 minutes transition timetable

News   •   May 25, 2018 07:32 GMT

Finnish Energy Authority chose Empower to investigate the impact of the 15 minutes imbalance settlement period to the various actors in the electricity market and to create guidelines and timetable for the possible transition to the finer time resolution. The study is carried out in cooperation with Valor Partners.


Empower Group on a profitable growth track

News   •   May 25, 2018 06:45 GMT

Empower has secured a strong order backlog, and the outlook for the year 2018 is positive. Our revenue is expected to increase significantly within telecommunication and energy industry where we expect to continue expanding our operations across the Nordics. Due the previously implemented efficiency initiatives Empower Group’s profitability is expected to increase.


Well-being through occupational health management

News   •   May 18, 2018 07:20 GMT

Tekemättömän työn vuosikatsaus, a comparison study on the costs of lost labour input, looks into how successful companies are in occupational health management that aims at personnel well-being. Empower’s investments in preventive measures bore fruit: our absence rate continued to fall, resulting in approximately EUR 200,000 worth of savings in 2017.


​Systematic approach to work safety pays off - Empower celebrated five years without accidents leading to absence at Anjalankoski mills

News   •   May 02, 2018 10:31 GMT

Work safety has been our top priority at Empower for several years now and this is clearly visible across our operations in every day. During 2017 we achieved a record-breaking result in LWIF within the Group, and in Empower Industry Services we were able to celebrate at the Anjalankoski mills a very unusual five-year period during which there were no accidents leading to absence.

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Empower Group arranged its financial structure

News   •   Apr 19, 2018 05:39 GMT

Empower, a multinational company building a smarter society, issued preferred shares on Friday April 13, and directed them to current financiers Armada Funds, Elo Mutual Pension Insurance Company and Fennia Mutual Insurance Company for them to become owners of Empower. The purpose of the new financing arrangement is to strengthen Empower's financial base and to support the Group's internationalization and growth.

Empower develops digital platforms and solutions, utilizing its’ strong experience and expertise in the maintenance of power plants and factories, the construction and maintenance of intelligent power grids and telecom networks. Empower’s EnermCIS customer information system is the market leader in Finland and Empower is also the leading producer of renewable energy services in the Finnish market. The first digital product Empower plans to launch for Swedish markets will be the Enerim platform designed to operate all energy market actors’ core processes. Empower also has the means to grow on the Swedish market as a producer of renewable energy solutions. In addition to the Nordic countries, Empower is also interested in Central Europe.

– Empower's development in recent years has been very strong and we are now focusing on the development of digital platforms and solutions business. Our Group's new arrangement of financing structure strengthens our internationalization operations and gives us good opportunities to continue strong growth in new market areas says Jari Onniselkä, CEO of Empower Group.

– I am very pleased that we got the finance company Armada, as well as two domestic institutional investors Elo and Fennia to join Empower as owners. The outlook for Empower's business operations is excellent, and new investors make it faster to implement them, commented the representative of main shareholder of Empower Group AAC Capital Partners’ Johan Bjurström.

Empower Group's net sales in 2017 were EUR 245,3 million and EBITDA EUR 16,4 million.

​Empower, a multinational company building a smarter society, issued preferred shares on Friday April 13, and directed them to current financiers Armada Funds, Elo Mutual Pension Insurance Company and Fennia Mutual Insurance Company for them to become owners of Empower.

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Empower has been selected as the main contractor for Nordex 12 wind turbine project in northern Sweden

News   •   Mar 28, 2018 12:00 GMT

Empower has signed an agreement on the construction of a wind farm Liden in Sweden, with the Nordex Group. Project has already begun and the park is scheduled to be operational by the end of 2019. The wind farm project employs about 50 people during the construction peak season.


Embot Buddy software robot based on Santeri Tuominen's thesis work

News   •   Mar 26, 2018 09:51 GMT

​In his thesis work, Santeri Tuominen, System Specialist at Empower, studied how Empower could utilize Robotic Process Automation (RPA). In spring, the results of Santeri's thesis will be put into practice through a pilot that will bring Embot Buddy, Empower's software robot, to life.


Empower at Vaasa Wind Exchange & Solar on 20–21 March

News   •   Mar 19, 2018 07:50 GMT

​Empower is participating in the Vaasa Wind Exchange & Solar event.


Empower acquires Trelab’s technology solutions

News   •   Feb 22, 2018 06:18 GMT

​Services company Empower has acquired real-time measuring technology solutions developed by TreLab. With the acquisition, Empower strengthens its digital solutions for industry and creates new services utilizing the IoT technology. This is part of the process of speeding up Empower’s IoT technology development work.


Empower will be present at the Mobile World Congress 2018, Feb 26 – Mar 1 in Barcelona

News   •   Feb 19, 2018 07:00 GMT

We are showcasing Empower’s EmSafe active work safety service at the MWC 2018 in Barcelona. You’ll find us with other Team Finland players at the Finland Pavilion right at the hall 3.

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