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Stephen Howes Fine art

Noticia   •   nov 07, 2010 19:21 CET

  Stephen Howes fine art, Marbella, Spain
According to fine art agent Stephen Howe’s the Costa del Sol’s art economy is booming, and he should know as he is the founder/owner of Stephen Howe’s fine art based in Malagá southern Spain, who continues to enjoy in excess of 150.000 hits on his art website, which presents work from his stable of very talented artists, of whom many live and work in Andalucia.
At eighteen Stephen pioneered a transport business in Birmingham UK, and continued until he had had enough, he then sold out and moved to the Costa del Sol, living on his hard earned profits.
He has always maintained a serious interest in art, initially for his own private collection, buying what his budget could run to, art that he admired, and thought was good enough, one of his first purchases was a painting by the superb British artist Don Clarke.
Financial interest took its place in Stephens artistic endeavors twenty odd years ago during a dinner party at his home, one of his guests liked the Don Clarke painting so much he offered to buy it there and then, Stephen declined the visitors very generous offer, but promised to put the prospective buyer in touch with  Don, which he subsequently did, the first sale was made soon after, followed up by several more as  time went by, Don Clarke called Stephen to give his thanks, and suggested that Stephen become his agent, “The ball was dropped right in my lap” Stephen said, ” I had more enjoyable dinner parties, with more art on my walls, one thing led to another and here I am”.
From those innocent, humble beginnings Stephen Howe’s has gone on to become one of the most influential art dealers in Europe and the US, all his work is done very low key, without  “hard sell”,more of a friendly, casual get together, a drink, a chat, “Take a look, if there is something you like let me know”.
Stephen will guide you, consider the pieces you may already have in your collection, make gentle suggestions, however he leaves it up to you, and in your own time, ”Some decisions have taken months” he laughingly tells us, “Its great, I have absolutely no come backs, when the deal is done, and I am sure the client is happy,then I cash the cheque” ”Whether they are everyday folk looking for something nice for their living room, or serious collectors looking to invest sizable amounts, or huge multinational companies seeking exclusive art for their corporate offices and an investment alike, its all the same to me, relax, decide, but please be content with your investment,”
Considering his lack of overhead, and the very reasonable percentage he charges his artists, Stephen is able to offer more than competitive prices to his ever growing client list.
Stephen Howe’s fine art hosts a menagerie of international artists in a variety of mediums including the aforementioned Don Clarke whose detailed, and mysterious works never fail to appeal, Gino Hollander, and Rolf Harris both have worldwide appeal, acclaim, and are sought by collectors everywhere, sculptors Christopher Stone, and Juan Zafra supply the 3 dimensional work, Zafra’s intriguing, fluid, metal pieces are a pure rendition of the human form in Zafra’s unique abstract style, meanwhile the stone and marble carvings of Christopher Stone who collaborated with, and delighted in having Barry Flanagan as his mentor carry Stone’s unbounded spontaneity throughout all his work, be it in his carvings, or through life size bronzes such as “Mr. Majestic which is a semi abstract rearing horse, Mr. Majestic has an edition of eight, plus two artists cast’s, number one of which will be shown at the Marbella casino in 2011, numbers two and three having already been placed by Stephen to private collectors in the US and Asia.
Stephen Howe’s will be hosting a series of three major exhibitions in the Marbella casino at Puerto Banús, the first will be from the 31st March, and run until May the 4th 2011, followed by another mid summer, and another in September, exact date of the last two are to be announced.
All three shows promise to be exuberant, colorful, and delightful surprises for the art buying public and the interested viewer alike, some thing in the range of a million euros worth of art will fill the space, spread between Stephens fine group of artists.
These shows promise to be the largest, and most spectacular art event ever seen in Andalucia, if not in Spain.

Bringing together such a diverse group of superb international artists in a single collective exhibition in such a prestigious location as the Marbella casino, is feat enough once, but three times ?
Wide spread interest is already being shown, although the official publicity campaign will not start until January, you will soon be able to find all the details on Stephen Howe’s web site, or by e-mail
Written articles, and biographies on all exhibiting artists, starting with Don Clarke can also be found on during the weeks running up to the exhibition.