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Cafe Katzenberger – Cup full of Amazing Hospitality and Coziness for the Guests

Comunicado de prensa   •   nov 24, 2010 09:34 CET

Mallorca, Spain, 24/11/2010 - Daniel Katz after a brief stint in modeling and captivating the world with the voice finally plunged into the new project that is popularly known as Cafe Katzenberger at Mallorca. Mallorca, which is quite popular as holiday paradise receives huge number of tourists all round the year and Cafe Katzenberger Mallorca is one such place that tourists should never miss more because it is owned by the famous Daniel Katz. The café is small and cozy and welcomes the guests with warm hospitality. Guests can relax in comfy atmosphere with cup of coffee; they can have their own personal space in the café and enjoy the vacation and the ambience to their fullest.

It is considered that opening of katzenberger café is one of the best ideas and venture taken up by Daniel Katz and since its opening, the café has been running quite successfully. The menu that is served there is of high quality and reflects the refined taste of the owner. The café is considered to be pleasant having its own kind of panache. It is very well organized with wide variety of menu and has affordable price in spite of being a start’s café. The café is considered to be the top café of Mallorca.

Visitors can even meet the star who is present most of the time at his café. This is one of the main reasons that attract both tourists and the local people of the place for a cup of coffee or main course. Guests to this cafe are often given souvenirs like coffee mugs which make their visit all the more pleasant and accounts for the café popularity. The opening of Cafe Katzenberger at Mallorca was covered by media with full hype and there was huge level of curiosity among the people about the opening and running of this star-owned café. Presently the proceeds that Mallorca Cafe Katzenberger makes is quite impressive and people from across the globe visiting the beautiful place of Mallorca make it a definite point to visit the café as well.

About Cafe Katzenberger

From the website dealing with Café Katzenberger, readers can get details information about Cafe Katzenberger Mallorca, its location and the food available there. katzenberger café was opened by the famous Daniel Katz and now is immensely popular among both the tourists as well as the local people of Mallorca.

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