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Blogikirjoitus   •   Helmi 17, 2016 04:23 EET

Fifa 16 Ultimate Team Coins connected the series’ longstanding attitude involving announcement insane, almanac breaking numbers, that ensure that the amateur really are a abiding accessories in your sales archive worldwide.

According to EA, over 1. 5 billion hours were spent by players arena the sport, with 326 actor matches played. That’s a alarming majority of time spent on Invest in FIFA 16 Coins the game- brainstorm precisely how abounding advantageous man-hours had been lost!

FIFA 16 has acquaint abundant sales numbers common (it continues to boss UK sales maps, and it charted in the top 5 in the particular NPD sales charts), so this absolutely ought not arise as a abruptness to be able to anyone.

Nevertheless, the analytical accession to FIFA 16 was definitely muted, with not a large amount of critics cerebration that FIFA 16 stood up, in particular, to Konami’s PES 2016, which they preferred.

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