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Gamification driving innovation

Gamification driving innovation

Lehdistötiedotteet   •   2012-01-31 11:12 EET

The way people work together has been under significant change since the breakthrough of social media. People in networked organizations are connecting inside and outside enterprises to collaborate. Lumo Research gathered six best practices that are driving the collaboration in enterprises. The study exposes that gamification is now one of the hottest rising topics in many organizations.

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Innovating the government

Innovating the government

Blogikirjoitukset   •   2012-02-20 15:03 EET

Earlier this month I visited the event Ambtenaar 2.0 (roughly translated Government Worker 2.0) in The Hague. At this event the aim was to share experiences about how to collaborate more effectively and increase innovation using social collaboration/media tools. The event was attended by more than 400 government workers in The Netherlands.

Six Best Practices of Enterprise Collaboration

Six Best Practices of Enterprise Collaboration

Blogikirjoitukset   •   2012-01-27 14:30 EET

Lumo Research, the company behind award winning social collaboration solution LumoFlow, has gathered six best practices of improving group work across boundaries. Discover the latest trends and learn in practical terms how companies and networked organizations worldwide are benefiting from social collaboration.

Benefiting from shadow IT

Benefiting from shadow IT

Blogikirjoitukset   •   2012-01-12 14:56 EET

How can both IT and business benefit from Shadow IT? In our case we see firstly that the people that we talk to at our customer organizations are very knowledgeable. These are executives who know exactly what is missing, what value the new solution should deliver and what obstacles there are to implement a new solution. Secondly, in most cases the IT department is involved in the decision-making.

Going from idea to implemenation

Going from idea to implemenation

Blogikirjoitukset   •   2011-12-19 12:19 EET

Some research suggests that innovation often fails because organizations tend to invest more on the ideation part then the actual implementation. Our view is that to be productive in a networked environment, where people often do not see each other or innovation happens ad hoc, it is crucial to link the need, idea and the implementation.

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Growing through better collaboration - lunch seminar

Tapahtumat   •   2012-01-25 12:21 EET

Who: CxO, Director, VP What: Better collaboration improves knowledge sharing, drives innovation and efficiency. In other words, it is crucial for any firm. Learn how social collaboration can transform the way your organization collaborates as a network. Aim: Learn from real world examples how organizations are using social collaboration to grow their business. When: March 9th 2012 ...

2012-03-09, 11:30 - 13:30

Bulevardi 7, Helsinki (Regus Business Center)

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Improve collaboration and innovation with LumoFlow

Improve collaboration and...

LumoFlow supports the networked organization in collaboration and innovation. Thousands of users rely daily on LumoFlow. Our customers...

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