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Extreme Networks Regains ‘Thought Leader’ Mantle

Uutinen   •   Marras 10, 2011 15:59 EET

The Dell’Oro Group, Gartner and the Info-Tech Research Group have all recognised Extreme Networks for their open fabric data centre solutions, accolades the company’s local boss says reflect years of work in the research space.

"We were considered for a number of years the thought leaders in the L2 and L3 space,” says James Owens, regional director – ANZ for Extreme Networks.

"We’ve been working really hard for the last couple of years to regain that mantle of thought leaders.”
Another part of the equation is a change in analysts’ strategy, Owens says.

"What a number of analysts have done is go into verticals. All of a sudden people can drill right down and look at the thought leaders in specific spaces, and we’re thankful the analysts are doing this.”
Owens adds that the company is experiencing big growth in New Zealand, to the extent that it is looking at establishing an office here in mid-2012.

"In the last year we’ve doubled the size of our business in New Zealand. We looked at the reseller community and who was representing us and made a few changes, and we believe we have the right partners now with the verticals we have.”

The brand is distributed in New Zealand by Brightstar and NetWorld Systems (a division of Distribution Central). Resellers include IBM and Ericsson covering the service providers, and BTG servicing universities and polytechnics. 

"We’re in the enviable system of looking at the amount of business we’re generating now, and seeing that offers the opportunity to grow into New Zealand.”