Pohjoismainen kansanterveystieteen korkeakoulu, NHV/Nordic School of Public Health

Nordic School of Public Health now on MyNewsdesk

Uutinen   •   Loka 08, 2010 14:26 EEST

The Nordic School of Public Health is one of the oldest and largest institutions whithin the Nordic Council of Ministers. From now on we will publish scientific results and news on the Finnish version of MyNewsdesk.

With the student in focus and a high level of scientific quality and public relevance, NHV conducts research and offers courses in the Public Health area.
When we arrange an interesting conference or a new course, or when our researchers publish new results, we will publish a press release and/or a newsletter. To register for our newsletter: www.nhv.se/newsletter

For half a century NHV has been a meeting place for Nordic Public Health Science. We offer individual courses and degrees at master's- and doctoral level. Most of our students is professionally active, often within the health area but also in many other professions.

The institution offers a unique educational experience, but also the opportunity to build a network covering the entire Nordic region and a rewarding social experience.

Swedish name: Nordiska högskolan för folkhälsovetenskap, NHV
English name: Nordic School of Public Health
Name in Finnish: Pohjoismainen kansanterveystieteen korkeakoulu

We will publish in English since many courses and seminars is given in English.
Visit our website: www.nhv.se where most of the information is published in English.

Monica Bengtson, Information Officer, Nordic School of Public Health