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"Spelt naturally better" recipe book released in english!

Uutinen   •   Elo 30, 2015 00:26 EEST

What delicacies can be made from spelt?

This book brings you recipes for all occasions! Take advantage of fresh ingredients in season and the healthy spelt for tasty and good food! This book offers you a fresh and modern standpoint to the everyday use of Finnish super food. The recipes are collected from esteemed Finnish professional chefs and renowned foodies.

Heikki Ahopelto • Joonas Hämäläinen
Sasu Laukkonen • Tero Mäntykangas
Jarmo Pitkänen • Arto Rastas
Maija Silvennoinen • Teresa Välimäki
Kira Åkerström-Kekkonen

Kaipainen: Spelt – Naturally Better
Published in September 2015
192 pages, full color, hard cover
Language: English
Size: 21cm x 27cm
ISBN 978-952-93-5816-8
Publisher: SunSpelt, Finland

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