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Unique Diploma programme in Universal Design

Uutinen   •   Loka 11, 2010 12:48 EEST

We want to create a society for everyone. The Diploma programme in Universal Design is intended for professionals who in different ways participate in the creation and design of environments, products and systems within the public sector in the Nordic countries, or those studying/working in areas relating to health from a social or democratic perspective.

Architects, planners, designers, occupational health therapists, nurses, administrators and politicians represent examples of groups involved in creating the conditions necessary for enabling all citizens to use different kinds of public functions and services.
The Nordic School of Public Health (NHV) has for several years offered individual courses with the aim of increasing knowledge about how to plan and design society in order for as many as possible to be able to use existing functions and services without adding supplementary adjustments or expensive specialized solutions. The Diploma in Universal Design was established in 2009 and the very first admissions process will now commence in the autumn of 2010.

Photo: Magnus Fröberg/Norden.org

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