Voddler Social – new social features on Voddler.com to share, review and discuss your favorite films

Uutinen   •   Syys 16, 2010 15:43 EEST

Like all film lovers, we don't just love to watch film, we love to talk about film too. We suspect the people who use Voddler – our “voddlerites” – are like us: they love to discuss films, compare notes, disagree on performances, and share tips. 

That’s why we have just launched “Voddler Social”, a number of features on our site that make it easier for friends to share, review, and discuss films. Just like they always have. 

With Voddler Social you can build your own circle of film friends in just a few clicks. For instance, if you find a reviewer you like, just click follow to continue seeing that persons’ reviews and ratings. Or email a friend to join you on Voddler!

Enjoy Voddler Social's various features, such as:

  • Let your friends give you advice - automatically!. For every title, you can see directly if any of your friends have seen that movie – and what they thought of it!     
  • See what your friends watch and like. The Feed keeps you constantly updated with what your friends and you are doing on Voddler: ratings, reviews, videos watched, and much more.
  • Rate and review – and share your tips to Facebook and Twitter. Let the rest of the world know which movies you like or dislike. Rate and review on Voddler.com – and then share your thoughts to your Facebook- or Twitter-accounts.

Read more about Voddler’s social features at www.voddler.com/social

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