Build your global mobile tracking network with Vilant Tracker

Lehdistötiedote   •   Kesä 18, 2013 13:01 EEST

Introducing GSM track & trace solution for road, sea and air

Helsinki, June 18, 2013 – Vilant Tracker is a unique and simple solution for tracking your critical shipments and traveling assets. The Tracker device accompanies your shipment all day, worldwide informing you about its position and status. Its patented technology enables tracking on all transportation methods - land, sea and air. The online Tracker Portal shows tracking history and current location of shipments enabling full tracking and tracing capability. In contrast to GPS solutions, Vilant Tracker is very low in investment and operational costs, since it is based on GSM positioning. In addition, Vilant trackers are locatable wherever the GSM network works, so also in buildings and inside of containers or vehicles. The technology behind Vilant Tracker was developed in Switzerland and is an attribute to the acquisition of Swisscom Auto-ID Services AG in 2011.

"Our Target is to have 100% on-time delivery of our products to customers around the world. We have been looking for a solution that would enable us to create an independent real-time tracking system for quite some time," says Risto lehtola, Development Coordinator at ABB Motors and Generators. "Only now, with Vilant Tracker we are able to fulfill this need. It is an innovative solution that is both fast to setup and very cost efficient. We are looking forward to introducing it as an ABB wide tracking solution."


·  Global tracking where GSM reception is available

·  Supports ground, sea and air transportation methods

·  Patented automatic flight mode certified by EASA

·  Operates indoors and outdoors.


·  No infrastructure investments needed - uses existing GSM infrastructure

·  More cost efficient than GPS - no roaming data costs and lower initial investment

·  Covers all means of transportation - can be transported by ground, sea and air

·  Reusable – rechargeable, long-life battery

·  Small form factor – ease of integration to shipments, low cost on return

·  Fast and easy setup

·  Improves processes

·  Reduces cost of quality monitoring

·  Collects additional, valuable information about your distribution network

·  Increases customer satisfaction

·  Enables better collaboration and service efficiency

·  Near real-time information about your shipments.

Vilant Systems Oy was founded in 2002 in Finland with a vision to improve industrial process efficiency with RFID. Specializing in turnkey RFID information systems for manufacturing and logistics companies, Vilant is one of the rare suppliers that is able to provide the entire RFID system package.

Vilant provides a comprehensive offering that includes RFID software, RFID hardware and related services such as process and system consulting, implementation and integration to customer ERP, installation and ramp-up and 24/7 support. Vilant operates together with its global partner network always seeking for the best solution for its customers. All Vilant solutions have a clear commitment to quick ROI and the company, with exceptionally high business ethics, doesn’t accept projects that won’t bring benefits for the customer. Vilant takes the full responsibility of the entire implementation project offering the customer a single point of contact.

Our experience in numbers - 600 sites in production - 1 500 000 daily RFID tracking events - Over 3 000 000 assets tracked with RFID - Combined customer turnover over Euro 250 billion - 6-12 months typical payback time of the RFID investment